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  • 23 February 2011

    eCOGRA Welcomes the First Pan-European Consumer Protection Agreeement for Online Gambling

    In a February 23, 2011 press release, eCOGRA Welcomes First Pan-European Consumer Protection Agreement for Online Gambling, an announcement was made that solidified the rights of online gamblers in 31 European countries. Working with CEN, the European Committee for Standardisation, eCOGRA helped to facilitate the list of voluntary technical specifications, such as a CEN workshop agreement, to grow a single market for European industry and consumers across its members in 31 European countries.

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  • 10 February 2011

    Bodog Blocks Bots to Protect the Everyman Poker Player

    In its recent article, Bodog to Phase Out Poker Info Scraping Sites, Casino Affiliate Programs reports how Bodog is taking the online poker game back the the leisure player with the hopes of injecting more fun back into the online poker game. Tired of professional players leaching operational information by way of information portal sites like Poker Site Scout, PokerDB, and Shark Scope, Bodog is proactively targeting and blocking these sites to allow its players more fair play.

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  • 02 February 2011

    Electric Word to take over Affiliate Media events and publishing

    On January 28, 2011, Electric Word, parent company to iGaming Business, announced the successful conclusion of a deal to acquire a portion of Affiliate Media, namely its affiliation with iGB Affiliate events and publishing. As the press releases rolled out, it became clear that  iGaming Business has made simplification a new year’s resolution.

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  • 31 January 2011

    GNC's Dominique Wins 2011 iGB Affiliate Award

    The 2011 London Affiliate Conference kicked off with a wonderful bang as the winners of the 2011 iGB Affiliate Awards were announced on Thursday, January 27th. The number of awards was reduced this year from 23 to 15, making the competition more intense as industry icons all over the world were nominated for top spots.

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  • 30 December 2010

    AffilliateWIDE Braces for a Banner Year

    AffilliateWIDE, owner of the B0x24 Casino, Black Diamond Casino, and Spartan Slots Casino brands, recently added several additional credit card processors for player traffic from the United States. This move not only will increase affiliate statistics due to an increase in player deposits, it also positions AffiliateWIDE as a strong and viable contender in the online gaming affiliate mix, despite being a fairly new dog to the fight.

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  • 08 December 2010

    Google Targets the Rogue

    In a blog post titled, “Being bad to your customers is bad for business“, Google blogger Amit Singhal poses a response to a recent New York Times article that showcased how a merchant actually scored prime search engine real estate because of negative reviews, not in spite of them. “I never had the amount of traffic I have now since my 1st complaint. I am in heaven,” states Tony Russo, the owner of several online eyewear businesses.

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  • 04 December 2010

    Purple Lounge Rolls Out the Red (and Green) Carpet

    Purple Lounge casino is giving its affiliates a little something extra this holiday season. While a white Christmas is poetic, a green Christmas (or at least one with lots of great–and free–presents) is much, much better. During the month of December, you’ll be giving one Xmas Extravaganza raffle ticket for each new player who deposits at Purple Lounge casino.

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  • 02 December 2010

    Slotland Launches Additional Affiliate Program

    Slotland Affiliates has launched a Net Revenue Share program, which determines a net revenue commission by taking total player deposits minus  actual withdrawals, transaction fees and chargebacks (15%).  This program will not replace their current and long-standing Gross Revenue Share program; on the contrary, the Slotland Net Revenue Share program is an addition which allows affiliates to choose how they’d like to their players’ deposits to be handled.

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  • 30 November 2010

    CasinoMeister's Bryan Bailey Takes the Helm at

    In a press release earlier today, announced an official torch-passing from John Abbott, who has owned the site for more than 12 years, to Bryan Bailey,  current webmaster of Both parties seem entirely pleased with the arrangement. Abbott states he “couldn’t be more pleased” and Bailey repeated the sentiment, adding, “I am both honored and absolutely thrilled to be running the site.

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  • 23 November 2010

    iGaming Affiliate Conference in London Reaches Max Capacity

    According to an iGaming Business press release, all the exhibition spaces for the 2011 London Affiliate Conference are now completely booked. Not bad, considering they only went on sale two weeks ago. In its fifth year, the London Affiliate Conference is the flagship event for iGaming Business, one of the largest companies that specializes in publishing accessible and informative content for the online gambling industry.

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