90-Ball Casino Bingo

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    Rival Gaming
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    90-Ball Casino Bingo

90-Ball Casino Bingo, or European Bingo, is otherwise known as 90-Ball Instant Bingo and allows you to play up to 100 cards in one of three levels! 90-Ball instant bingo dispenses with the letters and goes for a strict three-row approach that is not unlike keno.

The object of 90-ball casino bingo is to fill an entire row, two entire rows, or an entire card with numbers that match the balls that are drawn during the course of a game.

Just like the other Rival online instant bingo games, 90-ball instant bingo card wagers range from .01 to 1.00 each, and you’ll have the opportunity to play up to 100 cards a game. Wagers for each game will range from .01 to 100.00 credits.

As a way to influence your odds outside of the 90-ball instant bingo pay table, you can change the number of balls drawn for each game. Whether you choose 45, 55, or 65 balls drawn will be completely up to you; the fewer balls that are drawn, the higher payout (but the lower the odds).

I would imagine most online bingo players will fall in the middle-of-the-road choice in the European bingo game, but you never know when that big win will land!

The most enjoyable part of the 90-ball instant bingo game comes when the balls are in motion...

Things are constantly recalibrated in this game; with each ball added to the mix, the cards are resorted (the ones with the best chance of winning are put on page 1), the winnings are re-totaled, and the excitement is rebuilt.

I liked seeing how my wager stacked up against my wins while playing 90-ball instant bingo, and it was close enough to keep playing.

Play instant European Bingo to try your hand at a quick online bingo game today!