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    Bonus Bingo
Bonusbingo rtg

Bonus Bingo has a bonus round where you can win up to 150x the bet and will pay for all overlapping prizes, as long as they are not completely covered...

In other words, even though Four Corners and Perimeter are two separate bingo wins, since every Perimeter includes Four Corners, Four Corners will not be paid.

The same goes for the “X” pattern with regards to Four Corners and the two Diagonals.

Bonus Bingo Wagers.Wagers for the online Bonus Bingo game range from .20 credits to 4.00 credits per game.

How to Play Bonus Bingo:

  • Select your wager and hit “Play”.
  • Forty-four bingo balls will instantly populate the screen, and your cards will automatically be daubed with red crosses with every matching number.
  • Numbers will turn green when they are close to a win; pink lines will indicate when you’ve already secured it.

To win, you must match the bingo patterns presented on the pay table (above the bets, below the balls).

The “Bonus” in Bonus Bingo.

Bonus Bingo is an online casino bingo game and has several additional games and bonus options to keep play exciting:

  • Multipliers: Any one play could be randomly awarded with a Multiply card option. If you win this, you’ll have a chance to select which one of the activated cards to multiply its winning values by 2 or 3 times.
  • Special Balls: When all the cards are turned on, Mystery Balls could be drawn randomly at any time during play, awarding extra credits. They’ll add themselves to the Bonus Ball count at the top of the screen. When five balls are collected, the Bonus Round is triggered.
  • Bonus Round: Another reason to play with all the cards turned on, the Bonus Round is a chance to win up to 150x the card bet. To win, you’ll have to complete a set of five special balls.

Bonus Bingo Features.

Online bingo players will enjoy several customizable features in this game, including a “Speed Play” option as well as the ability to change your card set on a whim. Cards can be turned on or off by clicking on them.

Bonus Bingo is a fun way to fill up a few minutes or a whole afternoon, and with betting options start at .20 for four cards, it’s a great way to stretch out your player account as well.

Have fun with Bonus Bingo!