Caribbean Draw Poker

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Caribbean Draw Poker is a five-card poker game, played between the poker player and the dealer.

This no-bluff alternative to traditional poker games is a great way to beef up your poker skills, learn basic poker strategies, and have a great time while doing both.

Caribbean Draw Poker Wagers and Payouts.

Wagers will range from 1 to 500 credits, with some table limits capping at 100 credits, depending on the casino, the player, and whether or not real money is being wagered.

The wager for a chance at a portion or the entire Caribbean Draw progressive jackpot is optional and must be made at the same time as the Ante bet.

Caribbean Draw Payouts are pretty generous in that they spread the distribution ratios from the Royal Flush (100:1) to the 3-of-a-Kind (2:1).

That being said, you’ll need at least a Pair of 8’s or better just to get on the payout chart, so the competition is a bit tougher.

How to Play Caribbean Draw Online Poker.

We might not be able to tell you how to win at Caribbean Draw Poker, but we can tell you how to play it.

Luckily, RealTime Gaming makes playing Caribbean Poker very easy: Place your wager, and hope like mad the cards are good.

When playing any Caribbean poker game, the object is only to beat the dealer. You can do this with a better poker hand or by hoping he doesn’t qualify to play.

The Dealer plays by the pay table:

  • If the dealer can’t make at least the lowest payable hand (in this case, a pair of eights), then he can’t play.
  • And if the dealer can’t play, you win (even money).

If the dealer can play, then you’ll have a chance to assess the situation before you either fold (if you think he can beat you) or call (if you think you can beat him).

Special Features in Caribbean Draw Poker.

As mentioned above, Caribbean Draw Poker, like the rest of the Caribbean Poker games from RealTime Gaming, is a progressive jackpot poker game.

This adds a bit more excitement to each wager, but it also carries with it additional risk.

Play Caribbean Draw at our recommended RealTime Gaming casinos today!