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    Poker3 heads up holdem

    Poker3 Heads Up Hold'em Poker is a one-on-one 3D online poker game using Betsoft Software, with several Dealers to choose from, and a wide range of betting options with 16 chip sizes to bet with!

    Poker3 Heads Up online poker is a Texas Hold'em 3D animated game. It has pre-flop, flop, turn and river bets, and is clearly the closest thing to live poker with its 3-dimentional animation, variation of chips, and up to four bets.

    Poker3 Heads Up Hold'em Poker wagering.

    As mentioned before, there are sixteen chips to choose from, be it a low .20 bet or a high stake 500.00 credits bet (explained below).

    The Poker3 heads up poker game is one of the simplest online Texas Hold'em games you'll find, with a simple "Fold" or "Call" button to select, once the game is under way.

    How to start playing Poker3 Heads Up Hold'em poker.

    With just two easy steps, you can begin playing.

    1. Choose Your Opponent: Choose from four opponents or dealers:

    • A man in a suit; perhaps a look you'd like, playing against a high roller.
    • A player with headphones; like playing a tight-aggressive player.
    • A player in sunglasses; like playing against a loose-aggressive player.
    • A relaxed player; like playing against a loose poker player.

    2. Choose Your Chip Size: Select one of the three bet levels; low level has 6 chip sizes, medium level has six and high level has six:

    • Low Level chip sizes; .20, .50, 1.00, 2.00, 4.00, 5.00.
    • Medium Level chip sizes; 5.00, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.
    • High Level chip sizes; 50, 75, 100, 150, 250, 500.

    The first chip size in the medium level is the same chip size as the high chip amount in the low level. And high level first chip size is the same chip size as the high chip amount in the medium level (as shown above).

    After choosing your chip size for the Poker3 heads up online poker game, now you can select the "Deal!" button to begin playing.

    Ante Bet.

    The first thing that will happen is your player, or you, will throw out the ante bet, followed by the dealer's ante bet, then four cards are dealt; one to you, one to the dealer, one to you and one to the dealer again. You will both have two cards each.

    If you like your two card hand, select the "Call" button, which will place another bet amount for you (the same as the ante bet).

    The Flop.

    Three cards will be dealt onto the table:

    • If the three cards are in your favor, select the "Call" button to place another chip bet.
    • If you don't like the card selection, select the "Fold" button.
    • Selecting fold will end the game, and the dealer will win all the chips on the table.

    If you've selected the call button, one of two things can happen: The dealer will fold and you win the chips, or he will call your bet with a bet of his own; where the "Turn" stage of the game will begin.

    The Turn.

    The Turn is the next card flipped over onto the table, with a total of four cards on the table.

    If you still like your cards and the table cards (called the community cards) are in your favor, select the "Call" button again to place another bet (again, the same amount as the ante bet).

    And again, one of two things can happen: The dealer will fold, and you win the chips, or he will call. If the dealer calls, the "River" card will be dealt.

    The River.

    The River is the final stage in the Poker3 Heads Up Texas Holdem game. The final card is flipped over onto the table with a total of five cards on the table.

    If you are still impressed with your overall cards, the community cards and the two cards in your hand, place your final wager.

    The final wager in the Poker3 online poker game will be twice that of the ante wager. Example: Ante wager is 1.00. Final or River stage bet is 2.00.

    Finally, one of two things may happen (as stated twice above):

    The dealer may fold and you will win the total chips for all four stages. Or, the dealer may call your bet.

    When the dealer, or your opponent, calls the final bet, you and the dealer will both flip over your cards to see who the winner is:

    • If you win, your player will drag in all the chips on the table into his pile of chips.
    • If you lose, the dealer will drag all the chips on the table into his pile.

    Play Poker3 Heads Up poker, because there's nothing like a good game of one-on-one Texas Hold'em poker, in 3D!

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