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The Red Dog card game is a fun, two-card game where the player wagers on whether a third card will rank between the original two cards. When played in this way, the game is also known as Yablon, In Between, or Ace-Deuce.

While a game of the same name is played differently in non-Americanized casinos, RTG has chosen to represent this two-card version.

Red Dog Wagering and Payouts.

The RTG Red Dog game features simple wagering and simple payouts. Start the game by placing an Ante bet between 1 and 100 credits. The table limit is 100 credits per bet, not per hand.

Payouts will be awarded as follows:

  • When the spread is one card between, payout is 5:1.
  • When the spread is two cards, 4:1.
  • When the spread is three cards, 2:1.
  • Spreads of four cards or greater get even money (1:1).
  • Two identical cards, with an additional third identically valued card (three of a kind) awards 11:1.

In other words, the harder it is to fit between the two original cards, the higher your payout will be.

How to Play the RTG Red Dog Card Game.

Just like with Casino War, online Red Dog is not about strategy or skill, it’s about risk taking and reward gathering. As soon as you place your wager, you’ll be dealt two cards.

From there, you’ll choose to either grab your third card at the same wager or raise the stakes to increase your payout if you win. Games move quickly and relatively painlessly, depending on your lucky streak.

Red Dog card games are a great diversion from other quick-play online casino table games. RTG offers a strong option that’s worth trying.