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Red dog

Red Dog is a simple game with confusing sounding rules. Red Dog goes like this, first you make your wager. After setting your bet the dealer deals out two cards face up, if these cards are the same another card will be dealt. If that card matches the other two you win 11:1!

If that doesn't happen the dealer places another card face down, it is now your job to decide what the chances are the face down card will be between your two cards.

The smaller the gap in between cards in Red Dog, the more the pay out will be if it actually is in between. Say you have a 2 and 9, betting that the face card down here will pay less if it is actually in between compared to say a 6 and 9, if the face down card is 8 you would win much more in the second case. Bets from $1-$200 are allowed in Red Dog.

Pairs and consecutive cards push in Red Dog online poker. Keep in mind this game is also played using only one deck of cards.

Red Dog Online Poker Card Values:

  • Aces are equal to a 14,
  • Kings are 13,
  • Queens are 12,
  • And jacks are equal to 11.

Red Dog Poker Payout/Odds

  • A spread of 4-11 pays 1:1,
  • Spreads of 3 pay 2:1,
  • preads of 2 pay 4:1,
  • And finally spreads of 1 pay 5:1.

Once you know the rules of Red Dog it is really easy to follow, and if you keep in my how many cards you're playing with you can narrow down the odds quite a bit.

Red Dog Poker Strategy & Rules