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War rtg

Casino War has customized online player options, a wide range of table limits, and crisp animations using RTG software. Bring your favorite childhood game to the felt table to raise the stakes and the rewards.

Wagers and Payouts with RTG Online War.

Table limits in online war have a pretty wide berth, from 1 to 100 credits (500 if you’re on the high-roller tables).
Winner gets even money.

How To Play Online Casino War by RTG.

The game really couldn’t be more simple: It’s just your card against the dealer’s and, if you come out on top, the high card wins even money.

Think of all the non-tie rounds as smaller skirmishes. When you go head to head with the dealer with identical values, that’s when casino war really gets fun.

In the case of a tie, you can choose to fold or go to “War”, which will provide you with a new set of cards in which to battle. Same rules: high card wins.

RTG Online Casino War Features.

Despite its simplicity, RTG’s War card game comes with all the benefits of an RTG table game. Customizable player options; a fully fleshed out help page and great graphics.

Casino war is a fast, high adrenaline game that’s sure to help you blast through dull moments without burning any brain cells. Stop reading this review and go have fun already!