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Multiplayer Roulette by RealTime Gaming lets you pick an avatar, choose an alias, and then set yourself up to play at one of several available French roulette tables!

Multi-player roulette captures what most online French roulette games miss-the fact that roulette is very rarely played alone. Take advantage of another player’s strategy, apparent expertise, or just their company in this highly social multiplayer game.

Multi-player French Roulette Wagering.

To help you decide which table you’d like to play, you can search by the type (open, reserved, private), the amount of time allotted for wagering (30 to 90 seconds), and the betting limits for the table.

Currently there are two table limits, and both start at 1.00; tables will top at 100.00 for regular play and 500.00 for high roller play. The available chips will match this range.

Multi-player Roulette Features.

One of the best features of Multi-Player Roulette is the ability to pick an avatar, choose an alias, and then set yourself up at one of several available roulette tables. The options are nearly limitless with multiplayer casino games like this.

Other nice features are the visible timer, which counts down to the spin, as well as smooth animations and crisp graphics.

What is Multi-player French Roulette?

The particular multiplayer game offered by Real Time Gaming is French Roulette, which, thankfully, is not that different from other roulettes you may have played.

You can place your wager on a particular number from 0-37, a particular color, like red or black, or a particular group of numbers. Here are five examples of a numbered group bet in French Roulette:

  • Voisins du Zero: This translates to mean “zero neighbors” and includes bets placed on the numbers between the Red 22 and the Red 25 (in other words, the 16 numbers on either side of the Zero).
  • Tiers du Cylindre: Referring to the bet opposite the Zero, Tiers du Cylindre encompasses the numbers from Red 27 to Black 33 on the French roulette wheel.
  • Orphelins: The “Orphans” bet, these two groups of numbers are sandwiched between the two previous group wagers. The range from the Red 1 to the Red 9 on one side and the Black 17 to the Black 6 on the other.
  • Finales en plein: A bet placed on the “final” digit in number. For instance, placing a “finales 8” wager would include all numbers ending with an 8: 8, 18, and 28.
  • Finales a cheval: Like the Finales en Plein bet, this one includes an additional number (Finales 4/5, for example).

How to Play Multiplayer French Roulette.

Luckily the fine folks at RealTime Gaming have provided an extensive player resource section to answer some of the more detailed questions.

As it is, the game is very easy to play with little experience-just select your wager, place your bet, and spin within the allotted time.

You can employ any number of strategies in multiplayer French roulette, but the real fun is in the player interactions around the table. If you’re not having fun with that, remember this multiplayer version has several tables to choose from.

Play multiplayer roulette by RTG and join the new-wave of online social gaming!