Casino War

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    Rival Gaming
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Casino war

Casino War - Online Casino War by Rival Gaming.

Casino War is definitely the most simple game you can play at the casino, not only that the odds are exactly 50% so if you got that lucky bug, this games for you!

This War card game review is about Rival Gaming's software version of the online game.

Considering not a whole lot of strategy goes into War, it's a good game for beginning gamblers or anyone who just likes the game.

The only place War gets different and offers less or more than a 1:1 pay out is during a tie. In the event of a tie in War you have two choices:

  • You can either go to war,
  • Or surrender.

If you surrender in casino War, you will receive half of your bet back, but if you go to war, you have to match your bet again.

Once you place your bet in the War card game the dealer will discard 3 cards and the 4th card will be placed up for both players.

And as before, the highest card wins. In the even that it is a tie, again, the player automatically wins and gets paid 2:1!

In online War, tie wagers are also available, if the first two cards tie the tie wager pays 10:1. If your two cards don't tie you lose your bet, but your normal bet stays unchanged.

War has some of the best odds in the online casino and takes no skill to play, it's a real gamble and exciting to play, give it a try!