• Add Iowa to List on Online Poker Interest

    28 February 2011


    It seems for online poker players in the United States, California, New Jersey and Florida would be a good place to live. No, they haven’t technically passed anything as of yet but at least they are in talks which puts them ahead of all the others. Now however there is another state where online poker players could enjoy…Iowa.

    Iowa is now considering legislation to allow for intestate online poker. Though at this time we could not find the exact language of the bill being considered by Iowa lawmakers, it seems that what is known falls in line with what the other states are also trying to do. It would allow those 21 or older to play online in state regulated casinos.

    Those players would be able to set up cash accounts and sit down at online poker tables and play with others that are within the state. Though the specifics of this bill are not known yet, the reason behind the bill is oh so familiar, curtailing the revenue leaving the state from Iowan’s that are already gambling online.

    The topic of online gambling was discussed last year in Iowa as well but no legislation was ever introduced. So what some saw as a failed last ditch effort in last year’s lame duck session to get online gambling approved federally has turned into a hot bed of discussion on the state level.

    Though among online gambling lobbyist this is not seen as all that positive as they prefer to see a federal law as opposed to state to state laws, it has awaken online gambling on the federal level as well. Even though no real action has been taking as of yet, New Jersey’s online gambling bill is still waiting for a Governor’s decision, California is still debating, Florida and now Iowa are now discussing possibilities, at least there is still interest being shown.

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