04 November 2006


By Molly Hennessy-Fiske and Janet Hook, Times Staff Writers
November 3, 2006

BILLINGS, MONT. — Heading into the last days of the fight for control of Congress, both political parties moved Thursday to expand the battlefield, trying to revive campaigns that had been seen as lost causes.

President Bush traveled to Montana to campaign for beleaguered GOP Sen. Conrad Burns, launching a final midterm drive for Republicans in mostly conservative states and districts.

National Democrats announced Thursday that they were pouring $1 million into the effort to defeat Sen. Jon Kyl, the Arizona Republican who long had been considered a safe bet for reelection.

As those fronts open, many pivotal congressional races remain close. Democrats need to pick up 15 seats to win control of the House, six for the Senate. Reuters/Zogby polls released Thursday found that Democrats were leading in six of the seven Republican-held Senate seats considered most vulnerable, but only two of them by decisive margins.


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