Barney Frank Gets Another CO-SPONSOR For The IGREA

11 September 2007

Barney Frank continues to get more political co-sponsors for the IGREA (Internet Regulation and Enforcement Act).

Democrat C. Scott from Virginia signed to give his support to the latest Frank bill, that seeks to legalize and regulate online gambling in the U.S.

Scott who servers on the Committees for the Budget, Education and Labor, and the Judiciary, also serves on: Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, Early childhood, Elementary and Secondary education, Higher education, Lifelong learning and Competitiveness, and Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Scott brings the list of co-sponsors for Barney Frank’s bill to a total of 36, which is making progress from the origin.

Congressman Scott is serving his 8th term as a representative for Virginia. He is also on record as voting against the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) last year, when it was rushed through the House of Representatives under questionable circumstances, which was attached to a completely unrelated port security bill.

New York Democrat Congressman Eliot Engel is the latest to sign a similar bill, which is Congressman Robert Wexler’s bill, the SKPA (Skill Game Protection Act), which seeks to classify and legalize poker as a game of skill. Engel also refused to be stampeded into voting for the UIGEA last October. He is among 11 Congressman who support Wexler.

Engel serves on three subcommittees for Foreign Affairs, a member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, as well as the influential Telecommunications and Internet subcommittee under the Energy and Commerce Committee.

Watch here for the latest news on Barney Frank as well as UIGEA and iMEGA.

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