Casino on Net / 888 Casino blacklisted by

01 May 2006

Casino on Net / 888 Casino blacklisted by

Casino on Net is a well known casino that has been operating online for many years. During that time, an ongoing debate has been waging between affiliates of Casino on Net (also known as 888 Casino) and the casino itself regarding the casino’s illegal and immoral advertising practices.

The debate and ensuing accusations started with the casino’s purported use of spyware companies for advertising purposes. However, the effectiveness of this type of campaign has been deminished due to easy access and use of spyware removers such as AdAware so the casinos had to find other methods of advertisement. They should have taken this opportunity to clean up their act and employ honest methods of advertising. That didn’t happen. Some of Casino on Net’s latest schemes include paying certain affiliates to advertise them using stolen content from other sites (known as scraping) and allowing employees to blog-spam. This kind of action from a publicly held company is dishonest and unethical.

Casino on Net / 888 Casino has been blacklisted by until such time as all sites containing illegal content have been removed from the internet.

You can monitor and get up to date information about the battle for honest and ethical advertising on this page of

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