(CAP) Revokes 888 Casino’s Certification

06 May 2006

Las Vegas, NV – 05/05/2006 – (“CAP”) a leading online gaming industry resource, announced today that they are revoking the certification of 888 Casino. The decision is in response to 888 Casino’s failure to reach an amicable resolution involving known content theft and blog spamming being performed by their top affiliates and consultants.

A CAP spokesperson explained, “These illegal activities are negatively impacting thousands of affiliates and online marketers worldwide. There a number of programming teams operating with the approval of 888 Casino which are flooding search engines like Google and Yahoo with thousands of spurious search results. This angers searchers and makes finding legitimate destinations on the internet difficult if not impossible. These rogues are also robbing bandwidth and corrupting web logs with millions of commercial messages all linked to 888 Casino. This abuse of the system tarnishes the image of the industry as a whole and can not be allowed to continue.”

To resolve this issue CAP has been in negotiations with 888 Casino for the last six weeks, but so far they have declined to comply and have stated they are not interested in a resolution at this time.

CAP had been seeking the following action items from 888 Casino on behalf of their affiliate members:

  1. Issue a public statement indicating that 888 Casino does not condone nor will they reward content theft or illegal marketing practices by their affiliates or marketing consultants. If affiliates or marketers are discovered to be engaged in these practices their accounts will be closed, they will be banned from the 888 affiliate program and their proceeds or commissions due forfeited.
  2. Addition to the Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions a provision stating the above policy.
  3. A good faith effort by 888 Casino to adhere to these policies now and in the future.

“ALL CAP Certified Programs must work vigorously to protect the rights of all of their affiliates, even if that means policing affiliates who maliciously hurt others for profit,” said Lou Fabiano, managing partner at CAP. “By condoning these actions we have no choice but to revoke 888 Casino’s certification, effective immediately.”

According to their website, 888 Casino’s flagship property, is one of the leading Casino and Poker Rooms on the Internet. Since its official launch in 1997, over 20 Million people have experienced 888com’s exciting gaming action, making them the leading Online Casino. is a trusted resource in online gaming industry with a rigorous certification process for casino programs. 888 Casino became a CAP certified partner in 2005.

About “CAP” is the oldest and largest Internet gaming affiliate resource online. Casino Affiliate Programs features an active community forum, chat rooms, affiliate marketing tools, industry news/articles, scam alerts and a rigorous and distinguished certification process for casino affiliate programs. CAP Certified Partners are held in the highest regard and expected to protect the integrity of their affiliates and the industry as a whole.

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