Christie on iGaming Bill: "No Reason Not To Sign It Quickly"

21 February 2013

New Jersey could see signed Internet gaming legislation in as few as five days, if New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, keeps his word.

While Gov. Christie was in Lavallete, New Jersey on Tuesday he addressed questions regarding the online gaming bill. He went on to say that as long as the state Assembly and Senate approve a bill with his recommended changes to the legislation, “There’s no reason not to sign it quickly.”

The bill, once signed into law by Governor Christie, would mark the largest expansion of legalized gambling in the state since 1978, when the Resorts International first opened its doors as the first legal casino in the eastern United States.

Gov. Christie’s autograph will make New Jersey the third state to approve online gambling. Delaware and Nevada have both passed versions of the same goal, and all are vying to be the national hub of online betting, which many industry leaders feel is the manifest destiny of profitable, legalized gambling for the States, barring federal regulation.

According to NJ Senator Raymond Lesniak, there is resolve from both houses to getting the updated bill voted on, passed, and on Christie’s desk by the end of the day on February 26th, when they meet to hear the governor’s budget address.

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