Daniel Tzvetkoff Released from New York Jail

14 September 2010

The Australian businessman Daniel Tzvetkoff has been released from a New York jail according to news.com.au. The 27 year old had been charged with money laundering, conspiracy to launder, fraud and conspiracy to defraud. He was facing up to 75 years in jail but after a hearing with a federal magistrate behind closed doors we walked out of jail though there has been no official records released which could mean he is co-operating with federal prosecutors regarding online gambling.

When we last reported about Tzvetkoff he was being turned in by poker houses he allegedly owned millions of dollars to and was arrested for:

The U.S. Attorney’s office estimates he helped online gambling companies launder upwards of $540 million (U.S. currency) into offshore accounts. It is alleged he tricked banks into believing that the gambling transactions were really ordinary transactions.

He was granted bail in Las Vegas that was later reversed in New York and then Tzvetkoff was indicted which in part stated:

“Tzvetkoff and his co-conspirators obtained unique websites and toll-free numbers for these shell companies and developed phony websites to make the companies appear to have a valid, non-gambling purpose”.

Now though the US Department of Justice would not confirm it, a spokesman has claimed:

“He was released on bail on that date (August 23).”

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