European Parliament Agreed on Online Gambling Resolution

17 November 2011

Back in October, the European Parliament’s internal market committee adopted a resolution on online gambling. At the time Clive Hawkswood, Remote Gambling Association chief executive committed that

“The most important questions are whether these recommendations will lead to any concrete action and, if so, when. Although a directive is being mooted, there is no legislative action planned at this point and we all know from long experience how fiercely any form of harmonization will be opposed by some Member States.”

On Nov. 16th the European Parliament voted on and agreed on the online gambling resolution. The Remote Gambling Association came out praising the more progressive parts of the resolution. Clive Hawkswood again came out with a statement saying in part,

“The European Parliament’s resolution demonstrates a marked change in approach. It now wants to regulate rather than prohibit and it is pressing the commission to act against member states which unjustifiably restrict access to their gambling markets. The resolution is clear, reminding the commission of its ‘duty to act swiftly upon receipt of complaints about violations of the freedoms enshrined in the Treaties.’ The licensed private remote gambling sector is in full support of those remarks.”

The RGA chief executive concluded his statement by saying;

“There has been a welcome advance in understanding of the licensed remote gambling sector by many MEPs and recognition of the important economic role it plays in stimulating growth and innovation. Fundamentally, however, we should remember that this is a non-legislative process. The next steps in relation to the parliament’s resolution and the commission’s deliberations regarding its Green Paper exercise are unclear. In the meantime, we will continue to work with receptive and forward thinking member states and to press the commission to enforce EU law.”

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