FairPlayUSA - New Coalition for U.S. Online Poker Players

01 August 2011

There is a new grassroots coalition formed who’s purpose is to try and persuade the U.S. Government to regulate online poker.

In doing so FairPlayUSA has gotten some well know advisors to help with the cause. Advisors including U.S. lawyer and child advocate Parry Aftab, former Homeland Security and ex-Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, and WSOP bracelet winner, Greg Raymer.

According to Parry Aftab, “Licensing and regulating online poker is the most effective and responsible way to ensure the safety of America’s children and consumers. Given the growing popularity of online poker, we cannot afford to miss this opportunity to protect America’s children and consumers. We must take action now.”

FairPlayUSA claims the current U.S. online gambling laws are not working and is creating a “wild west atmosphere with no U.S. regulation”.

“We believe that poker, “America’s Game,” should be safe and fair for law-abiding players”, from the FairPlayUSA website, “Our goal is to educate and create public momentum for effective law enforcement, consumer protection, and strict regulation.”

It seems as though this group is garnering some very influential attention. Congressman Michael Grimm R(NY) issued this statement today;

“I applaud the efforts of FairPlayUSA for launching its coalition to combat illegal gambling. As a former FBI agent, I fully support the efforts to create a strong regulatory framework for legal online poker and to crack down on illegal sites, many of whom have ties to organized crime. With many adult online poker players in my District of Staten Island and Brooklyn, I support their right to continue playing; however, I agree that it must be in a law-abiding forum that provides protections for America’s consumers and children. Together we must fight for the return of quality, good paying jobs to the United States and a strong regulatory framework for legal poker will contribute to that goal.

I am confident FairPlayUSA will be successful by aligning with former Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, to help expand the coalition’s membership and that their efforts will compliment my legislative goal of regulating online poker.”

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