Farmville Plays The Lottery

26 September 2012

MDI Entertainment, a subsidiary of Scientific Games Corporation, has signed an agreement with Zynga Incorporated to license seven of its social and media gaming brands.

The announcement, which came during the World Lottery Summit earlier this month, further solidifies Zynga’s efforts to expand its revenue reach beyond social gaming. It also benefits MDI in much the same way, as it adds to their current licensing deals with the NBA and MLS in the US.

In its press release, MDI announces that it will have “exclusive, worldwide rights to provide lotteries with the ability to feature Zynga’s most popular brands”. The list includes the following:

  • Farmville
  • Cityville
  • Zynga Poker
  • Zynga Bingo
  • Zinga Slingo
  • Words with Friends
  • Draw Something

In addition to the above brands, MDI lotteries will also have access to the Zynga-branded 2nd Chance games. MDI will make virtual prizes available that players can enjoy and redeem with their go-to Zynga social media games. MDI hopes that players will also instantly recognize the Zynga artwork on lottery tickets and then take part in the real money risk and rewards the lottery versions will provide.

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