France to Legalize Online Casino Gambling

04 May 2010

The government of France has decided to legalize online casino gambling. Going in direct defiance of recent actions by Estonia and Belgium, France has drafted a law that would legalize online casino gambling and would allow local and foreign investors to invest in this activity and partake in the more than 1 billion Euros played by French citizens in the last year. France will benefit in a big way from the taxes to be paid by each online casino.

In the last month, Estonia and Belgium decided not to accept and legalize online gambling. In Belgium, the House of Representatives passed a frame law that would force each and every company engaging in online gambling to purchase an actual land based casino license if they wish to attract and register Belgium citizens. The licenses are to be issued by the Belgian Gaming Committee, and companies purchasing the licenses will have to actually build a real land based casino. This law, requiring extremely large cash outlays for the license and then to build a real land based casino, will force companies to withdraw from the Belgian market.

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