Full Tilt Affiliates Now Eligible for Reimbursement

17 October 2013

Full Tilt Affiliate Reimbursement

It appears all hope is not lost for the scores of Full Tilt affiliates left in the lurch in the wake of the Black Friday shutdown in April 2011.

According to the official website for the Full Tilt Poker Claims Administration, affiliates of Full Tilt Poker “will be able to submit Petitions for Remission to recover the portion of their account balances that does not relate to their Affiliate status.” Previously, affiliate accounts were flagged for non-payment, regardless if the funds in the account were from affiliate or poker activity. Now the Garden City Group appears to be reversing its stance, stating on its website that it is currently processing recently received data from Full Tilt Poker regarding its affiliate accounts.

According to the Full TIlt Claims website, once GCG determines affiliate eligibility, it will email all affiliates of record and provide  instructions for filing a petition for reimbursement, including specific log-in credentials for online filing. Affiliates will have 30 days from the date of that email notificationsto submit their petitions.

The Garden City Group, Inc (“GCG”) is the firm responsible for all Full Tilt payment claims and administration. As of September 2013, it stated it had sent over 1.4 million emails to Full Tilt Poker players and has received over 27,000 individual petition submissions through its online filing system. Normal account holders have until November 16th to file their claims.

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