Gary Kaplan BetOnSports Founder Gets 51 Months

05 November 2009

For anyone who has harbored any doubts whatsoever about the health of Big Brother, trust me, he is alive and doing very well. Point in fact: On Monday, Gary Kaplan, founder of BetOnSports, was sentenced to 51 months in prison on charges of federal racketeering.

He had been arrested on 20 felony charges in March of 2007 in the Dominican Republic. Those charges were for allowing American residents to place bets at BetOnSports. He   plead guilty in August to charges of conspiracy to violate the RICO statues, the Wire Wager Act and of actually violating the Wire Wager Act.

On top of the 51 months in prison, he is also being forced to forfeit $43.65 million in criminal proceeds and another $7 million in other related dealings.

Acting U.S. Attorney Michael W. Reap stated that “This case should serve as a warning to others who might choose to defy the laws of the United States on such a grand scale”.

Roland Coryington, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in St. Louis, Mo, stated: “In addition to being in prison, hopefully some of the money forfeited will go to useful purposes such as fighting other internet related crimes, such as catching child predators who think they can hide on-line”.

David Carruthers, former CEO of BetOnSports, withdrew his guilty plea he had entered in April. He had agreed to help prosecute other members of BetOnSports as part of his plea deal. Why he withdrew is guilty plea is not known.

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