US Land Based Casinos and Foreign Online Casino Operators Getting Friendly?

22 May 2010

Foreign online casino operators, the historic enemy of the US land based casinos, are getting all friendly like towards the US casinos. The new turn of attitudes is likely based on the billions of dollars up for grabs if and when the US legalizes and regulates online gambling. When the licenses go up for grabs, it will be beneficial for the foreign operators to have alliances in place with land based casinos in the US.

With the possibility that when the US regulates online gaming, the new regulations will favor the US land based casinos already under regulation in the US, it only makes sense that oversea casino operators will receive an advantage by having partnerships with the US casinos.

Before UIGEA, foreign operators and US casinos like Harrah’s and MGM were mortal enemies. But with the change in the political climate, both sides need each other right now.

John Shepherd, of PartyGaming, one of many companies wanting to get back into the US market, told Bloomberg News recently that “When the act was signed into law, we stopped taking wagers from the US and effectively gave up 75 percent of our business in one go”.

Partnerships between US land based casinos and foreign online operators seem destined. Harrah’s and are already in agreements for working together in European business, and are likely to join up for the US market. PartyGaming is already working to create a network with several US land based casinos.

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