NFL No Longer Opposing Legalized Online Gambling

13 August 2010

As we have been writing about, Barney Frank’s HR 2267 seems to be gaining a lot of strength since it passed the House Financial Services Committee mark-up session.  Since that day it has gained a new co-sponsor and now it has lost a major opponent the stood in the way of legalized online gambling.

The influential NFL has softened its stance to legalized online gambling. The NFL has been linked to being a major influence in the passing of the UIGEA in 2006. What has taken the major stumbling block from the path of HR 2267? One of the amendments passed during the mark up session.

The language of the bill originally included wording that would legalize online sports betting.  An amendment voted on and passed during the mark up session withdrew this language from the bill and changed it totally around to prohibit licensing of companies that aim at sports betting.

Brian McCarthy, the vice president of communications for the NFL, now has said,

“We don’t oppose [HR 2267] since it now includes the language we had hoped for. The amended language adequately addressed our specific concern. We are pleased with the outcome.”

Does this effectively change the path of HR 2267? Probably not as far as it getting pushed through any faster but with the NFL effectively out of the way, it does make the road to passage a lot smoother.  There is still no time frame as to when the full House of Representatives may even hear the proposed bill but like most American’s looking to gamble online, we are waiting for the next news to come.

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