Online Gambling Future Looking Good

08 March 2010

A group of online gambling companies, the Manx eGaming Association (MeGA), has released some good news for the online gaming community. MeGA has released the results of its annual survey. It shows that employment in the online gaming community on the Isle of Man increased by 18% in 2009. Projections show a similar rise is expected this year also. Taxes paid in 2009 were more than double what was paid in 2008. 2009 paid taxes were £11.2 million. 2010’s estimated taxes are £19.1 million, almost doubling it again. The good news for the Isle of Man is that half the employment in the online gaming industry is local and that is very beneficial for the Isle of Man local economy.

Even more good news came out of Cypress. Global Betting and Gambling, an online gambling consultant company, had conducted a study on online gambling. It showed that revenues were up and expected to continue to climb.

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