Paddy Power Looking for Nevada License

29 September 2011


If everything goes as planned in Nevada, there is an online gambling company based in Ireland that is trying to be the first European gaming operator licensed in the state.

Paddy Power is looking to get approval from the Nevada gaming regulators for a license as a manufacturer and operator of mobile gaming devices. They already operate online gambling sites in Australia and across Europe.

Paddy Power sites has never excepted U.S players or wagers which may give it an edge as it tries to get approval in Nevada. A lot of things have to happen of course before Paddy Power or anyone else gets approval to operate an online poker site in Nevada, the biggest of course is getting the federal government to legalize and regulate online gambling.

Paddy Power filed for a Nevada license in August of this year and could be licensed by Nevada gaming officials by November.  The agenda for the November meeting has not been set however and according to Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli however and there are no plans to set the agenda till 6 days before hand.

If approved Paddy Power would head straight to the front of the class as far as being immediately being able to operate an online poker site based in Nevada. Paddy Power Chief Operating Officer Breon Corcoran told eGamingReview:

“The method of applying for the manufacturer and distributors license has been used in the past by people who want to pass probity to then allow them to consider a broad number of options.”

Again though the U.S. government is holding all the cards and all this will be for not if no approval of online gambling is coming down the road. It seems though all this maneuvering has to mean something and all these companies are betting that the U.S. is going to make a move in their favor.

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