Poker Players Alliance Works To Change Unfair Gaming Laws

22 February 2007


Lincoln News Messenger (
By: William W. Grey, Fresno
Wednesday, February 21, 2007 5:41 PM PST

During the midnight hours as the Senate was preparing to adjourn for the elections, the Port Security Act was passed. Senator Bill Frist attached the Unlawful Internet Gambling enforcement Act (UIGEA) to Port Security Act. Most of the senators had voted and left the Senate floor, their knowledge of the attachment is questionable.

UIGEA does not prohibit online poker, but rather prohibits banks and credit card companies from using their services to fund online poker accounts.

The Senate’s handling of UIGEA has thousands and thousands of poker players upset. The Poker Player’s Alliance, located at is joining together to change gaming legislation.

PPA seeks legislation exemption for poker from all gaming laws, permit companies to operate online poker sites in U.S. Sites to licensed and regulated for fairness of play, and taxed. I invite all players and friends to join PPA, and fight for poker.

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