Poker Stars Bets Big With New Resorts Casino Poker Room

03 October 2013

If the chips fall how they would like, PokerStars is coming to Atlantic City in a big way. As part of its Internet partnership with Resorts Casino Hotel, the international poker powerhouse will spend $10 million creating a PokerStars poker room at the land-based casino.

“As soon as the license is in hand, they’re ready to start building,” said company rep William J, Pascrell III, in a recent Press of Atlantic City article. “PokerStars is committed to investing significant resources to put in a brand new poker room at Resorts Casino Hotel. In addition to hte poker room, they are committed to driving traffic to Atlantic City through their marketing.”

By the looks of things, traffic isn’t the only thing PokerStars will generate in Atlantic City. Hundreds of new jobs will also be created as part of its New Jersey expansion, including plans to establish North American headquarters for Internet gambling in the state.

All well and good, of course, but without an approved NJ license to operate, none of these plans are possible. Even with a license, much of the success and job opportunities will depend greatly on the success of US Internet gambling and whether or not intrastate contracts can be established in the country.

The clock is creeping toward New Jersey’s current Internet gambling launch date of November 26th.

Should its license be approved, PokerStars will be among dozens of international online gambling companies looking to cash in on Atlantic City’s Internet business. With PokerStars rather colorful history, however, it may find itself waiting a bit longer for approval as extensive background checks are required.

When its plans to purchase the Atlantic Club Casino were thwarted, PokerStars put the call out to other for sale casinos. In the meantime, its alliance with Resort Casino Hotel allowed for a brand-name expansion that was a natural extension of the relationship. It will join Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant as part of its renovation.

Says Resorts’ owner Morris Bailey in the article, ” The gains at Resorts casino are significant for Atlantic City as a whole. We’re bringing the fun back to Atlantic City and focusing on the natural amenities that historically have given us a unique identity–the beautiful beach itself and the legendary Boardwalk here at Resorts casino.”

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