Report Says Wearable Technology Right for Online Gambling

08 October 2015


Technology and the gambling world are connected in a way that's impossible to overestimate. Whenever a new technology becomes available on a wide-enough basis, people inevitably want to gamble on it, and that demand becomes filled. It started back in the mid 1990s when Internet connections became widespread, and it continued in the early 2000s when mobile devices started having better graphic capabilities and their own Internet connections. Now it's continuing with wearable technology.

A Whooping 21 Percent

A new report by Forrester Research has shown that about 21 percent of people who are online have purchased wearable technology. Items like the Apple Watch have made this really popular recently, but other companies have their own devices. Online casino software developers have seen this as the logical progression after mobile casinos absolutely exploded in popularity, and even though mobile play has seen the most growth in the industry as of late, wearable technology is picking up more and more of the market as a whole.

Inherent Problems

A really interesting development for online gambling with wearable technology is figuring out how to deal with the smaller screen sizes. Different techniques have allowed players to get a better experience from playing online slots on their mobile devices, but extending this to watches and other wearable tech is proving to be tricky. The current product line is relatively primative in terms of how the interfaces work, and because most forms of wearable technology are based on having your smartphone nearby, they aren't quite to the point of being standalone just yet. That will inevitably come in the future, but it's going to be based on a better way of handling the interface that hasn't been figured out just yet.

Growth Levels

Wearable technology is already being focused on by many software developers in this industry, and the report by Forrester Research suggests that they're on the right track. However, as we've mentioned above, the key point is going to be figuring out how to handle the interface itself. Chances are that some major advancement is going to be made in that particular area that will cause the wearable tech casino sector to explode, and we could see standard downloads casinos lose some ground as a result.