The EU’s First Steps towards Supporting Sports-Betting Services

27 June 2007


The European Commission is opening the door for sports-betting in countries close to home. We are hoping for the ripple effect to hit the US, where the online players can get back to a relaxing game in their own homes.

Sweden and France have a request from the European Commission to amend their laws, following replies to letters of formal notice. The European Commission, with the knowledge of a provision for sports-betting services in Greece, France and Sweden, has taken the first steps to remove obstacles for these services via the request.

The Commission has issued those countries with “reasoned opinions”, because it was not satisfied with their reasons given for maintaining their gambling monopolies. This matter could be referred to the European Court of Justice if France and Sweden do not provide a satisfactory reply to the Commission’s demands.

The restrictions placed on sports-betting operators are not compatible with Article 49 of the EC Treaty, the Commission says, and “have not been shown to be necessary, proportionate and nondiscriminatory with guaranteeing the free movement of services”.
The Commission will decide whether Greece’s legislation is compatible with article 49 of the EC Treaty.

You can find this article in EGaming Review Magazine.

This is a great chance for several European countries to show that their online gambling businesses are put to good use, as in the many good jobs that are available to those who need them. And also to mention what the players can save and the fun of staying at home for their entertainment. It is about the same as going to the movies, where you would like to go see a good movie, but with the ever rising gas prices cannot afford to. Staying at home to watch that same movie, via the cable or satellite, saves money. This is how many feel about land-based casinos and/or sports-betting.

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