UK Companies Plan Grass Roots Campaign In US for Internet Gambling

08 May 2007


UC Group and Baker Tilly believe they have the software and technology to perfectly compliment Rep. Barney Franks new legislation for internet gambling. Their product allows the user to pinpoint the age and location of bettors and detect compulsive gambling and money laundering. The software is already operating in systems around the world according to a company spokesman.

the Hill reports that the 2 companies teamed up to launch the “Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative”. The companies already provide back-office and payments services to internet businesses all over the globe and believing in their product, have hired the lobbying firm Alston & Bird LLP to promote their services to lawmakers in Washington. Alston & Bird has approximately 7000 clients in the UK and more tan $2 billion in revenues. Alston & Bird has also contracted Downey McGrath Group, another lobbying firm, to help in this effort.

Jeff Sandman of Hyde Park Communications is the initiatives spokesperson and says of the effort “The [Safe and Secure Internet Gambling] Initiative is both to educate parts of the public as well as to garner grassroots support from other companies, organizations and individuals for the legislation,” “UC Group and Baker Tilly envision a “comprehensive grassroots effort” in support of the regulatory regime,” he said. You can visit the companies new website at

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