UK Online Casino Operators Not Involved In US Gambling Legislation

30 April 2007


eGaming Review

Refusing to support or even offer encouragement for the recently proposed online gambling legislation in the US, the Remote Gaming Association (RGA) has admitted the organization and its members were not interested in becoming “heavily involved” in the recent lobbying effort according to eGaming Review

In response to accusations from sources in the US that lobbying efforts for the legislation introduced by Barney Frank were not being supported by the RGA. Clive Hawkswood, chief executive at the RGA, said “That is for a mix of reasons. Some companies have never been involved in the US. Others meanwhile have left the US alone and are concentrating elsewhere. Some are worried about what their share price reaction would be.”

The Remote Gaming Association is an organization tof online gambling operators and represents the majority of these operators in the UK.

As eGaming Review reports “The refusal came despite meetings and discussions taking place in the months running up to this week’s announcement by Congressman Barney Frank of his proposals for the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007 bill.

“These guys have got to come to the table,” said the source. “There is a lot of upside here if they do.”

However, Hawkswood suggested the suspicion was that any regulation would effectively be in favour of US casino operators. He added: “Do we think our involvement could tip the scales? No. Look at it from the opposite angle. Did US involvement in the lobbying effort for the UK supercasino help at all? Or was it rather a hindrance?”

A spokesperson at Ladbrokes said of the consensus against getting involved: “It’s a question of priorities and resources. There is movement in Europe at the moment, with the EU behind us, so that is what we are concentrating on.”

“There may come a time to step on the gas once again in the US” another spokesperson for a leading operator said “but that time is not now.”

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