US sheds few tears for Carruthers

13 August 2006


Times Online
August 07, 2006
By Walter Olson

Like Prohibition-era Oklahomans who were said to stagger to the polls to vote dry, America these days is a gambling-mad country happy to elect officials who outdo each other in anti-gambling fervor. Perhaps that explains the absence of an outpouring of support here thus far for David Carruthers, the former chief executive who was nabbed at the Dallas airport, shackled and menaced with years in prison for running an online gaming company (droll New York Post headline: “Texas Hold ‘Em”).

If war is the continuation of politics by other means, then prosecution can serve as a continuation of policy by other means. The editors of the reputedly liberal St. Louis Post-Dispatch applauded the crackdown on online betting, sparing no sympathy for the British executive. “Whatever you think about legalised gambling, and we think it’s a mistake,” they wrote, “it makes no sense to send American gambling revenue overseas via internet gambling sites where it circumvents American taxes.”

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