U.S. Urged to Change Online Gambling Laws

22 November 2007


U.S. Urged to Change Online Gambling Laws

European trade chief demands renewed access to U.S. Market without delay.

European trade chief Peter Mandelson has called on the U.S. to allow European companies renewed access to its multibillion-dollar online gambling industry.

Mandelson pushed for an end to the exclusion of European companies and other trading partners from the US online gambling market, arguing that it is a better and fairer solution than compensation.

European online gambling companies saw billions of euros wiped of their market values last year following Washington’s decision to close off its market.

Peter Mandelson told the European Parliament. “The U.S. has so far opted for compensation to make right what is wrong. I do not think that compensation does t hat job.”

Mandelson also said “What we really need is for the legislation to be put right and for foreign operators to stop being excluded and discriminated against in this way.”

Several meetings are taking place to enforce this demand. The U.S. should take the right steps to allow European companies access to its multibillion dollar online gambling industry.

Watch here for the latest news on the UIGEA as well as any updates.

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