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    • 24 April 2010

      Banker Weighs In On UIGEA

      Steve Kenneally, Vice President of the American Bankers Association, recently gave an interview where he spoke out against UIGEA. In the interview, he called the law ineffective and a costly piece of legislation.  He stated that the banks will be able to enforce the law in most cases, but it will take time to implement. He went on to state that there are certain types of transactions that the banks will not be able to stop. One example would be wire transfers.

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    • 22 April 2010

      Daniel Tzvetkoff Granted Bail In Las Vegas

      Daniel Tzvetkoff, a failed Brisbane internet gaming businessman, was arrested Friday in Las Vegas while attending an e-commerce conference. A U.S. Federal Court judge has agreed to release him on bail after his father agreed to put up his $1.1 million home for surety.Tzvetkoff was arrested in a casino after he was spotted by people to whom he owed a lot of money. He was charged with money laundering more than $540 million through his internet business.Judge Peggy Leen, disagreed with the U.S.

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    • 22 April 2010

      Does Senator Harry Reid Want Online Gambling?

      Rumor control has it that Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada) is interested in presenting legislation to the U.S. Senate which would legalize online poker, and online poker only. These rumors, which have been around for a while now, have been picking up speed and momentum as of late.Reid represents the State of Nevada, which of course is the home state of Las Vegas, the gambling capitol of the U.S. As such, he has always been very protective of the great casinos there.

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    • 20 April 2010

      Daniel Tzvetkoff Turned In By Online Poker Houses

      Daniel Tzvetkoff traveled from Brisbane to Las Vegas for a ten day internet billing conference. He was arrested by U.S. authorities on Friday, charged with money laundering, money laundering conspiracy, gambling conspiracy and bank fraud conspiracy. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to 75 years in U.S. prisons.He will have a bail hearing on Wednesday. We will let you know how that goes.The U.S.

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    • 19 April 2010

      Online Gambling is Half-Way There In Two States

      Last week was a good week in relation to online gambling. The State Senate in Florida passed a bill that brings formal cooperation between the State of Florida and the Seminole Tribes casinos. The debate has raged for years, but all that ended with a 29-9 vote. That leaves the ball in the House. They now need to vote on the bill and get it before Governor Charlie Christ. His signature on the bill is virtually certain.The bill legalizes several table games, such as blackjack and baccarat.

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    • 15 April 2010

      Online Gambling Amendment Approved by Massachusetts House

      Well give this state a BIG hand!!! Finally one that has come to their senses. Maybe this will lead to more and more doing the same. We can only hope! If we continue to let them know what we want and that is “our Rights”, it will change things. Hot off the press!! 14 April 2010 WASHINGTON, D.C.

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    • 14 April 2010

      S.C. Set To Legalize Social Gambling

      South Carolina is poised to repeal an 1802 law which made illegal any game using dice or cards. If enforced literally, it would make illegal many common family type games. House Majority Leader Kenny Bingham, stated: “When you can’t play Monopoly and Yahtzee, that’s a problem. We need to move the ball forward,” He further stated that their intention is not to open the door to legalized gambling.

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    • 13 April 2010

      Founder of Eye On Gambling Found Dead In Home

      Play the organ softly and lower the flags to half mast. For the second time in less than 12 months, the online gaming community is mourning the loss of one of its own. On Saturday morning, the police in Chesapeake, VA found Kenneth Weitzner, and his wife Jackie, dead in their home. The police have not released details of the scene nor have they given a cause of death.Rumor control has it that they passed away sometime either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

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    • 12 April 2010

      US Gambling Takes Two Small Steps Forward

      The last couple of weeks has seen the online gambling community take several setbacks on the chin. But the latest news is looking rosy for the online gamers. The first is that Rep. Barney Frank’s two bills, HR2266 and HR2267, are going to be heard in legislative hearings before the House Committee on Financial Services on April 16th. HR2266 is seeking to postpone implementation of the provisions of UIGEA for one year.

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    • 11 April 2010

      Not All Credit Card Abuse Is Gambling

      Not all credit card abuse is gambling. A woman’s 12 year old son ran up a total of more than £900 in bills using his savings account and her credit card on, of all things, Face Book’s Farmville game. The tab on her credit card eventually ended up being £625. This was all done without the woman’s knowledge between March 14th when the first charge was made and the 29th when she discovered the usage and stopped the card.

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    • 10 April 2010

      Online Gambling Bills To Be Heard Next Week

      Rep. Barney Frank’s hard work is about to pay off. His online gambling bills, the Reasonable Prudence in Regulation Act (HR2266) and Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act (HR 2267), are to be heard by the House Committee on Financial Services on April 16. With the provisions of UIGEA set to be enforced starting June 1st, and no more extensions expected, it is a bit of good news for online gambling.

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    • 08 April 2010

      Senator Jon Kyl is Approached by the PPA

      Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl is a wanted man. Many poker groups, like the Poker Players Alliance (PPA), want to meet with him and discuss their ideas for an exemption for online poker from the regulations of UIGEA. Senator Kyl is a co-sponsor of the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Senator Kyl is dead set against online gambling, including online poker. He calls it the “crack cocaine” of gambling.Enforcement of the provisions of UIGEA is set to begin June 1, 2010.

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    • 07 April 2010

      New Online Gambling Laws Proposed for Massachusetts and New Hampshire

      A new law proposed in the Massachusetts legislature, would allow more land based casinos while criminalizing online gambling and internet poker. The main reason for the bill is to get two new land based casinos licensed, at a cost of $100 million each. Also included in the bill are four new slot machine licenses worth $15 million each.Apparently, the writer of the bill wanted no ambiguity about it’s intent.

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    • 31 March 2010

      Colorado Woman Thought She Won $42 Million

      The Fortune Valley Casino in Central City, CO is the place where dreams can come true and life can become a fairytale. At least that’s what Louis Chavez of Denver, CO, thought until she hit the lucky one on that slot machine she was playing. Suddenly all the bells and whistles started going off and she realized that she had hit the jackpot, literally, for $42,949,673.

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    • 28 March 2010

      Italy OK’s Online Poker Cash and Casino Games

      Still reeling from a major earthquake and their inability to successfully block unlicensed sites, Italy has issued a decree regulating and legalizing online poker cash games and casino games. Nearly two years ago when Italy started to license online poker tournament games and fixed odds sports betting, Italy kept a list of sites blocked by the major internet gaming providers.

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    • 27 March 2010

      New Legislation Introduced On Internet Gambling

      This could mean a big difference in the passing of license and regulation internet gambling. This is from the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative! Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA)introduced today an updated version of the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act of 2010, a bill that would ensure that applicable taxes and fees are collected from a regulated Internet gambling industry in order to raise much-needed revenue for federal and state budgets.

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    • 27 March 2010

      The Time To Repeal UIGEA IS Now

      With the signing into law of the health care reform legislation, the United States Congress will be free to finally start working on other legislation which has been forced onto back burners for much of the last year. The biggest bill of this group is Barney Frank’s (D-MA) HR 2267, the InternetGambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act. As the name implies, this bill would regulate and tax internet gaming, and would protect consumers from racketeering and money laundering.

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    • 25 March 2010

      Gaming Lobby Open To Legalized Internet Gambling

      The American Gaming Association (AGA) has released in a new policy statement that it is open to the idea of legalized internet gambling as long as the proper regulatory structure was enacted to protect consumers and the integrity of the game. However, while changing its stance on legalized internet gambling, it has still not endorsed any of the bills now before Congress.Internet gambling is estimated to be a $26 billion a year industry.AGA Chief Executive Officer Frqank fahrenkopf Jr.

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    • 25 March 2010

      Kentucky Supreme Court Rules Against Online Gambling

      On Thursday, the Kentucky Supreme Court overturned a Court of Appeals decision and ruled that domain names, under Kentucky law,  are not gambling devices.

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    • 23 March 2010

      Macau May Reclaim Land From Casinos

      Fernando Chui, Macau’s Chief Executive, stated in a public policy speech that the Special Administrative Region of China may take back land promised to casino operators and use it for “other development purposes”.Chui stated that the government would do everything in its power to reclaim land not being developed.

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    • 22 March 2010

      BoDog Online Casino Gets Serious

      BoDog Online Casino recently issued a press release which illustrates that BoDog is serious about growing in the online gaming community. While most online casinos add a game or two every couple of months or so, BoDog has announced that they will be adding twenty new games all at one time. BoDog, owned by Morris Mohawk gaming Group, is an American company which services players around the world.

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    • 15 March 2010

      Nevada May Clamp Down On Land/Online Gaming Site Relationships

      The Nevada gaming Control Board is looking into the possibility of regulating how land based casinos and the non-gambling sides of online gambling sites enter into agreements. If the Board comes to an agreement and makes new regulations affecting this relationship, it could seriously alter or even cut off the money from events such as the World Series of Poker and others. The World Series of Poker is owned by Harrah’s Entertainment.

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    • 14 March 2010

      Race Intensifies to Legalize Sports Betting and Gambling

      To the end that many states are struggling with the poor economy and are fighting to find new ways to pay for their existence and services, New Jersey passed State Resolution No. 19 on January 12, 2010. Resolution 19 instructs its President of the Senate to “take legal action concerning certain federal legislation prohibiting sports betting.”

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    • 13 March 2010

      66th Co-Sponsor Behind Frank Legislation on the UIGEA

      Rep. Barney Franks Internet gambling regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, has signed on its 66th co-sponsor, Ohio representative Charles Wilson. The bill is designed to legalize and regulate internet gambling while protecting and safeguarding players, and instituting safeguards against compulsive and addictive gambling, underage gambling, money laundering and fraud and identity theft.

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    • 09 March 2010

      A Giant Step for Internet Gambling - Tax Reform Bill

      Ron Wyden represents Oregon, a state where online gambling is illegal. He is coauthor of the bill. What does this mean for internet gambling? We will have to wait and see. But this is one big step! ST. LOUIS, Missouri (PRWEB) March 8, 2010 — The recent inclusion of Internet gambling regulations as provisions under a new tax reform bill in the Senate signifies an important–and necessary–step for the pro-online gambling movement in Washington, DC.

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    • 08 March 2010

      Online Gambling Future Looking Good

      A group of online gambling companies, the Manx eGaming Association (MeGA), has released some good news for the online gaming community. MeGA has released the results of its annual survey. It shows that employment in the online gaming community on the Isle of Man increased by 18% in 2009. Projections show a similar rise is expected this year also. Taxes paid in 2009 were more than double what was paid in 2008. 2009 paid taxes were £11.2 million. 2010’s estimated taxes are £19.

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    • 04 March 2010

      Florida Wants Online Poker

      Last Friday, Florida became the second state to file an intrastate egaming bill, when State Representative Joseph Abruzzo filed the Internet Poker Consumer Protection and revenue Generation Act of 2010. This submits plans for legal, intrastate online poker.Under provisions within UIGEA, the Unlawful Internet gambling Enforcement Act, states can authorize and regulate egaming within their borders.

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    • 01 March 2010

      Naples Man Held Without Bond In Online Gambling Probe

      Excessive shipments with Federal Express and excessive numbers of large checks being deposited against a company’s accounts, caused businesses to be suspicious and question the transactions. Those questions led to Michael Olaf Schuett, also known as Schutt, a German national, being held without bond in the Lee County jail. A federal judge ruled Monday that he was a flight risk.

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    • 25 February 2010

      Bi-Partisan Online Gambling Bill Introduced by Two Senators

      On 2-23-10 the Bipartisan Tax Fairness and Simplification Act of 2010 was introduced by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Judd Gregg (R-NH). A spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative stated that this legislation shows the growing support in congress for scrapping the ban on internet gambling and coming up with a new system that will protect the player and still regulate the industry.The provisions in the bill are similar to Barney Frank’s HR2267 bill, introduced last year.

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    • 23 February 2010

      Grand Prive Controversy Continues

      Recently, eCOGRA released its investigation of Grand Prive Affiliate’s Program closure. Their report stated that they were tasked by Grand Prive with investigating: the manner in which the program was terminated, determining the amount owed to claimants, determining a fair settlement for claimants, and to produce a full and transparent report for release to the public.

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