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    • 02 December 2009

      $28.2 Million Fine For BetOnSports

      If you are keeping score, mark one up for the government. On Tuesday, BetOnSports, the giant gambling house brought down by federal prosecutors, was sentenced to probation and a fine of $28.2 million. However, BetOnSports is in debt up to it’s eyeballs, owing many millions more than it has, so it is doubtful it will pay any of the fine according to lawyers on both sides. It is estimated that it still owes seven to eight million dollars to U.S. gamblers; and that amount may be quite understated.

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    • 01 December 2009

      Internet Gambling Ban Delayed Update

      We are all very hopeful for the online gambling industry! This turn of events is definitely in our favor. According to the Associate Press Agencies cite support for new legislation to clarify the current laws in the UIGEA Bill. The Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve are giving U.S. financial institutions an additional six months to comply with regulations designed to ban Internet gambling. The two agencies said Friday that the new rules, which were to take effect on Dec.

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    • 27 November 2009

      Barney Frank Got Implementation of UIGEA Postponed!!!

      I say a big KUDOS to Barney Frank!!!! This is good news for the online industry for sure! Let us all stand behind him and what he is trying to do for all of us!

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    • 26 November 2009

      Online Gambling Ban Hearing for December 3rd

      And the fight is on!!! Barney Frank is scheduled to go before the Financial Services Committee on December the 3rd.There will be testimony to repeal the UIGEA and to stop the regulations from going into effect on Dec. 1st. Frank is the Chairman and will lead the hearing. Frank is for licensing and regulating online gambling. Both sides will be heard but no vote is expected at the hearing. The CAP newswire had this to say:

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    • 25 November 2009

      Chapter 11 Filed by Gary Casino

      Sometimes it makes you wonder what these companies are really up to. If this works they way they are thinking, does that mean more of this same thing coming from others? I guess time will tell. According to the Chicago Tribune and the Associated Press, this is what they are doing. Majestic Star Casino LLC, owner of two casinos in Gary, has filed for bankruptcy protection after defaulting on its debt obligations.

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    • 24 November 2009

      Preemptive Strike on the UIGEA Rules by Barney Frank

      With only about six weeks left before the UIGEA rules go into effect, Rep. Barney Frank, is finally picking the ball back up. Rep. Frank and 18 other representatives have sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. A similar letter was sent earlier by the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) along with the National Thoroughbred Racing Association and the American Greuyhound Track Operators Association, to the same persons. 

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    • 19 November 2009

      Israeli Online Gambling Ring Busted

      Straight from the Jerusalem Post, the police along with help from the Lahav 433 Unit bust an online Gambling ring On Monday! Over 300 police officers and Tax Authority officials raided the homes of 37 suspects across the country, taking dozens of gamblers in for questioning, and seizing assets worth tens of millions of shekels.

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    • 18 November 2009

      Revenue from US Casinos Slips for Third Quarter

      This shows all of us just how bad the economy has gotten. I think at times the government does not want us to know everything, and I am sure they don’t. This article from the Associated Press scares me. It should wake us up as to just how bad things are. LAS VEGAS – LAS VEGAS (AP) — U.S. commercial casinos took in $7.94 billion in revenue during the third quarter, 5.5 percent less than a year earlier, the head of the American Gaming Association said Tuesday.

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    • 17 November 2009

      UIGEA Deadline Is Approaching

      Looks like the time is coming for an impossible law to come into effect that will put terrible hardships on banks in this country! We are hoping it will get postponed, but time is getting short. In a couple of weeks financial institutions will be obligated to abide by the UIGEA regulations.

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    • 16 November 2009

      Indiana Woman With Gambling Addiction Sues Casino

      A very interesting case has made its way to the Indiana State Supreme Court. The case hinges around a woman gambler who says she has a compulsive gambling problem. She claims that an Indiana casino went out of its way to lure her to come into the casino and gamble.Her attorneys claim that the casino’s have a responsibility to protect the problem players from themselves. Courts have long rejected this idea.

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    • 14 November 2009

      New Slots Casino Making a Splash

      With all the regulations to be met and followed, all the banking decision that need to be made and all the competition to be faced, it is no small feat to open a successful online casino. The new casino is making quite a ruckus in the online casino world right now. Crazy Slots Online Casino, part of the Golden Casino Group, is one of the few casinos that allow U.S. gamblers to play. Golden Casino is operated by Vegas Technology.

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    • 13 November 2009

      Firepay Pays $19.2 Million

      With the forfeiture of $19.2 million by Firepay, owned by Optimal group inc. of Canada, the New York District Attorneys office is poised to go after more gaming companies that did business in the U.S. even before UIGEA became law.Firepay had withdrawn from online gambling in the United States after UIGEA was enacted in October 2006. But the State of New York saw dollar signs and in 2007, started building a case against Firepay.

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    • 10 November 2009

      Tribute to Elvis Opens in Vegas Next Month

      Attention all Elvis fans. The MGM Mirage’s CityCenter complex, set to open on December 16, is going to be offering a new, and highly unusual, tribute to the King of Rock n Roll. Cirque du Soleil’s tribute to Elvis: Viva Elvis, is inspired by the 1965 Elvis movie Viva Las Vegas. It is set to be one of the opening acts at the Aria Casino and Resort in the CityCenter complex. The show, much like Elvis himself, is sexy, powerful, unique and larger than life.

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    • 09 November 2009

      Regulation to Replace Failed Internet Gambling Prohibition

      Things are beginning to look up for the online gambling businesses. More and more are leaning to license and regulate the online gambling industry in the US! In an op-ed published in today’s Roll Call, Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) argues regulating Internet gambling in order to protect consumers and generate up to $42 billion in new revenue is a “sensible approach.” Based on his experience of having started and managed several Internet-based companies, Rep.

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    • 07 November 2009

      Another one for New York and the UIGEA

      The U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York is at it again. It has again gone after another company for violating UIGEA.The eWallet company FirePay, owned by the Optimal Group, Inc, has been forced to forfeit $19.2 million in revenue linked to wagers made by the citizens of New York State. FirePay, which pulled out of the U.S.

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    • 05 November 2009

      Gary Kaplan BetOnSports Founder Gets 51 Months

      For anyone who has harbored any doubts whatsoever about the health of Big Brother, trust me, he is alive and doing very well. Point in fact: On Monday, Gary Kaplan, founder of BetOnSports, was sentenced to 51 months in prison on charges of federal racketeering. He had been arrested on 20 felony charges in March of 2007 in the Dominican Republic. Those charges were for allowing American residents to place bets at BetOnSports.

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    • 04 November 2009

      Ohio Finally Opens Doors to Casinos

      This is a huge win for the Ohio people who have been pushing for casinos. This may be the start of a new future for more states and Casinos!  COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio voters hit hard by the economic downturn have approved casinos tied to new JOBs after a fifth try by gambling supporters in the past two decades. Tuesday’s passage of Issue 3 marked a significant victory for Penn National Gaming Inc.

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    • 04 November 2009

      GoWild Casino Completes New State of Art Website

      GoWild is proud to announce the completion of their state of the art website. We are all looking forward to seeing this new site. And to see what makes it state of the art. VALLETTA, MALTA — (Marketwire) — 11/03/09 — Press Release. GoWild Casino, a premier online casino, announces it has completed its state of the art website created for today’s smart, contemporary online gambler.

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    • 02 November 2009

      Battered Ohio in the Casino Bid Recession

      On Tuesday, history may be made in the State of Ohio. On Tuesday, voters are going to the polls to decide, among others important issues, whether or not to allow gambling casinos to come into their state. The large casino companies have been trying to get into Ohio nearly every year since 1900, but have always failed. This is the fifth time in the last nineteen years that the measure has been on the ballot.

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    • 01 November 2009

      Grand Opening of Arizona’s Wild Horse Casino and Hotel!

      A very long awaited gaming mecca has opened. Friday night, the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino, situated in the beautiful Sonoran Desert in New Mexico, has finally opened. The Gila River Indian Community opened it’s doors Friday night for the grand opening.This new hotel and casino boasts 240 hotel rooms, 39 suites, five luxurious lounges and a 1500 seat entertainment theatre. The CEO of the venue claims that they spent nearly $1 million dollars on the lighting and sound equipment alone.

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    • 29 October 2009

      Regulated Online Gambling is likely to Pass Says a Utah Congressman

      This maybe some great news for online gambling, I think this will happen too and soon.According to the Deseret News the Republican from Utah Jason Chaffetz thinks congress will pass Barney Franks bill to license and regulate online gambling. He thinks it will be passed before the end of current session going on in congress.

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    • 28 October 2009

      First State-to-State Wide Area Progressive Gaming

      This is a network linking Indian Casinos Nationwide! LAS VEGAS, NV, Oct 28, 2009 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — ATIG | Quote | Atlantis Internet Group Corp. (PINKSHEETS: ATIG | Quote | announced today that it would launch the nation’s first intertribal, state-to-state, wide-area progressive gaming network linking Indian Casinos nationwide. Progressive gaming means that a percentage of the money played by each player in any of the casinos in the network is added to a combined jackpot.

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    • 26 October 2009

      Massachusetts: To Act or not to Act on Casino Gambling Delays?

      The State of Massachusetts, despite the generally recognized need for lawful gaming in the state, is still at least three years away from implementing any gambling law. While promises for action have come from all corners, including the governor, state Representative Brian Dempsey says that legislators are moving slowly to be sure that they give the state the best results from the legislation.The State of Kansas went through a similar process.

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    • 25 October 2009

      Can They Raise the Stakes In Atlantic City?

      Atlantic City… the name brings to mind images of glistening casinos, bright light and never ending excitement. A few years ago, that image would have been true. Today, however, is another day. Fortunes have changed and the gaming machines stand silent, and one casino, Harrah’s, is offering to send their frequent gamblers out west to Las Vegas. One gambling executive even says that Atlantic City is in a “death spiral”.

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    • 24 October 2009

      Preemptive Strike on UIGEA Rules Launched by Barney Frank

      I am sure all the banks and financial institutes are awaiting the decision on this one. The big day is quickly approaching to start the implementing of the UIGEA rules. Representative Frank has put his attention back on this after all the other urgent matters that had to be put first.Frank along with 18 others sent a formal letter of request to Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary and to Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve Chairman.

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    • 22 October 2009

      Dikshit is Selling PartyGaming Shares

      Makes you wonder if he is doing this to pay off his debt to the US Treasury. Maybe he thinks this will lighten his sentence. We will see what happens. LONDON, England — As reported by Bloomberg: “PartyGaming Plc founder Anurag Dikshit will sell up to 75 million shares in the company through his Crystal Ventures Ltd. vehicle.

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    • 21 October 2009

      More and More States are Betting on Gambling to Boost Economy

      With more states are opening up to the idea of gambling as a way to help with the economy. With the taxes that are brought in from land based Casinos and online could help raise the economy back to where it should be. LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Gaming has found a surprising benefit from the nation’s continuing economic recession.

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    • 20 October 2009

      Sacramento Tribal Casino Lavish Rewards for Repeat Players

      Patrons of tribal casinos in the Sacramento area are feeling the love and gratitude of the casinos. The casinos are offering regular customers, both small and high rollers, incentives to keep returning. Gifts are ranging from toaster ovens and visits to the buffet, to cars, trucks and cash, and everything in between. The freebies, called special rewards club programs, are competitive and geared to bring back the regular players who are most likely to keep returning.

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    • 16 October 2009

      Land Based Gambling Shifting to Online?

      This is a question that land based casinos are asking themselves, especially since Vegas saw revenues drop for the twentieth month in a row. October 14, 2009 (CAP Newswire) — Bad news disguised as good news? Reports continue that the status of land-based casinos, particularly in U.S. gambling mecca Las Vegas, are continuing to plummet. In August alone, the casinos dropped 9.3 percent in revenue, representing the 20th straight month of losses.

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    • 15 October 2009

      Shares Plunge in Macau Gaming

      The government of Macau has caused the financial world a mild heart attack. They have announced that they were going to raise the minimum entry and employment age for the casinos from 18 to 21. They also announced a cap to the total number of gaming tables in Macau and also relocated slot machines to commercial areas. By the middle of this year, there were 4390 gaming tables in Macau. A bill to raise the age limits wills be submitted to the Legislative Assembly within a few months.

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