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    • 06 January 2009

      American Banker’s Association Questions the UIGEA Rules

      All the members of the American Banker’s Association have let it be known their concern with the problems and rules on the UIGEA bill, or for the matter the lack of an explanation of the rules. The Bush administration has not given a definition for unlawful Internet Gambling.The government has not complied with the banks request for clarification, therefore leaving it up to banks to determine the legality.But there is some good news to all of this.

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    • 31 December 2008

      Alabama’s Turn to try and Fight Gambling

       With all that is going on in the US, with the economy and financial crisis, some states have their priorities wrong. There is so much more to worry about than gambling. And yet here it is another State trying to fight gambling.

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    • 29 December 2008

      Utah’s Stand on Online Casinos

      Utah feels that regulations of online gambling should be left up to each state and not the Feds decision. They feel that federal acceptance would be an ominous event. State representative, Sheryl Allen is worried that US regulation, and with pacts with other countries would force Utah to allow online gambling.Utah Lawmakers along with Allen are considering, House Joint Resolution 1. This resolution asks the federal government to let each state decide on regulations.

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    • 26 December 2008

      The EU and the Online Gambling Issue with the US

      After Anurag Dikshit pleads guilty, the RGA is urging the EU to take the next steps to protect the Union’s Interest from WTO violations.Clive Hawkswood, stated, “These events show that the outgoing US administration and the Department of Justice have shown a total disrespect for the legal rights of European online gaming companies and those associated with them and a complete disregard for US international commitments under GATS.

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    • 18 December 2008

      Founder of PartyGaming Pleads Guilty

      The US has struck again. PartyGaming founder has pleaded guilty to the charges of illegal web gambling. The biggest shareholder in PartyGaming, the UK-listed online gambling company, has offered to pay US authorities $300m and plead guilty to a charge relating to illegal web betting in the most prominent prosecution so far in the US clampdown on internet gambling.

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    • 18 December 2008

      Retroactive Online Casino Laws by the US is Causing Outrage

      It seems the US is digging their hole deeper and deeper. When will they get the idea of what the people want? It is yet to be seen.The fact that the US continues to ignore questions regarding jurisdiction as well as the written laws of its own country has led Europeans to question the wisdom of doing business with the US.  

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    • 17 December 2008

      3D New Gold Boom Slot Machine

      Three dimensional online casino lobbies now features five unique Slots, and a progressive jackpot currently over $130,000. They have 3D lobbies and virtual casino employees, which provide a realistic casino experience. You can play instant Flash for free and for real money. 16 December 2008 (London, UK) – When 3D casino WinADay.com launched earlier this year it promised to keep the new slot machines coming and they’ve certainly made good on that promise.

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    • 15 December 2008

      Sweden Continued

      It is breaking news today, that Sweden’s Ministry of Finance will let everyone know the proposal for a new lottery law. It was told at a presentation in Stockholm. A lawyer for the police authority and the man charges with formulating the proposal, Jan Nyren, was expected to announce the end of Sweden’s gambling monopoly, in favor of a licensing system open to foreign operators. For the full story: www.GamingIntelligence.com

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    • 14 December 2008

      Online Gambling Blocked in Norway

      It looks like some countries want to follow the US and the UIGEA Bill. Does the US know what kind of influence they have on other countries? If they did would they do anything differently?Last week the Norwegian Parliament passed a ban on financial transactions and online gaming sites. It is very similar to the UIGEA that passed in the US in 2006. This is expected to be put in force by the end of 2009. This ban will mean only state owned gambling, like national lotteries will be legal.

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    • 09 December 2008

      Now Live: Jadestone’s DiceArena Multiplayer Games

      We told you it was coming and now it is here!! Jadestone, the leading developer of fully managed online game solutions, has brought this to you. Their headquarters are in Stockholm, Sweden, and is privately owned and funded. December 9, 2008 (Stockholm, Sweden) – Jadestone Networks, the Nordic based online games owner and operator today announced that the multiplayer dice games network DiceArena is now live and open for players across Europe.

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    • 09 December 2008

      Customizable Slot Game by All Slots Casino

      Have you ever wanted to customize your own slot game? Well now you can at All Slots Casino. This could be a fun a different experience, one like you never had before. Create your choice of your own slot reel. KAHNAWAKE, QC, Dec 08, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — All Slots Online Casino (www.allslotscasino.com), a proud member of the Jackpot Factory Group and a leading online slots casino, announced the launch of a unique video slot game called My Slot.

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    • 05 December 2008

      Speed Things Up With New Multi-hand Blackjack

      Rome Casino is a US-friendly online Casino, with more than a hundred high tech 3D graphics and sound effects. US players are more then welcome, and They have over $166K in progressive jackpots. They are speeding things up with their NEW multi-hand blackjack. December 4, 2008 (London, UK) – Players that like the thrill of Blackjack will really love the added excitement of playing up to four hands at one time as they can with RomeCasino.com’s new Multihand Blackjack.  RomeCasino.

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    • 04 December 2008

      Google and Yahoo Win Lawsuit!

      This is a big win for gambling ads. Finally someone has shown with some sense. We will hope this will stop more of this from happening. A California court has dismissed a lawsuit against Google and Yahoo for displaying gambling ads in search results. California Superior Court Judge Richard Kramer ruled that search engines are immune from liability based on the federal Communications Decency Act, which shields Web sites from liability for material provided by outside companies.

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    • 02 December 2008

      Jadestone’s DiceArena is Joined by bwin

      Jadestone DiceArena is proud to announce one of the leading gaming operators, bwin, will be their launch partner! With Jadestone being a leading developer of fully managed online game solutions, with great games to secure backends, and bwin is a group with over 13 million registered customers, that has platforms for sports betting, poker, casino games, soft games and skill games, this should work as a great partnership.

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    • 01 December 2008

      Washington Post and 60 Minutes on Regulating Internet Gambling

      Could there be a light at the end of the tunnel for Internet Gambling in the US? At least it is being discussed more and more and getting on news more to have it regulated, to bring in revenue for the US. This could mean good news for the US players. Read the article from the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative:

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    • 25 November 2008

      GamesandCasino.com Reaction to Microgaming's Pulling out of the US

      You can always count on Games and Casinos to help players find good places to play online. And they have done it again, when sites pull out of the US, they always find new places for you! (PRWEB) November 24, 2008 — When Microgaming announced that it’s online casinos would not accept any new United States players, Gamesandcasino.com was quick to locate reliable online casinos to fill the void. GamesandCasino recommends 5 alternate software companies that accept United States Players.

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    • 18 November 2008

      Back on the Agenda is Legalizing US Internet Gambling

      This could mean HOPE for the Internet Gaming. The fact that is back on the Agenda says there is hope, especially in these failing economy days. We will see how it goes. November 17, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — After weeks of negative reports that U.S.

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    • 11 November 2008

      Barney Frank Speaks Out On the UIGEA

      The Treasury Department has finalized the UIGEA Regulations, and is trying to get it passed before the new Administration takes over. This is called midnight drop, when one administration finalizes regulations that are in question before the end of its term.Barney Frank is Speaking out against these regulations.

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    • 05 November 2008

      Selected Microgaming Casinos Suspend New Signups for USA Players

      We just received word from Vegas and Fortune Affiliates, that effective immediately, they are not going to take any new signups from players residing in the United States. Players that currently have account(s) with these casinos and/or poker rooms will not be affected in any way, so if you are one of their customers, please do not worry. It’s business as usual.Vegas Affiliates Properties:Grand Hotel Casino Colosseum Casino Vegas Slot Casino Vegas 7 Casino Vegas Country Casino

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    • 04 November 2008

      eCOGRA’s Study on Responsible Gaming Practices

      eCOGRA is spreading their wings to ensure your safety and fairness, when playing online. Always look for their seal of approval. An EU Private Industry leads first ever benchmark study.  Here is the latest press release:

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    • 21 October 2008

      eCOGRA Accreditation to Net Entertainment

      Congratulations to Net Entertainment for receiving the eCOGRA seal of approval!!London, 21 October 2008 – One of the online gambling industry’s top software developers, Net Entertainment, has been accredited by the player protection and standards body eCOGRA following a range of comprehensive software, probity and operating systems inspections by independent auditors.

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    • 15 October 2008

      eCOGRA Will Have Panelists at Asian Conference

      eCOGRA which is know for their Fair Gaming, will have a Advocate at the Asian Conference. Any Site with the eCOGRA seal you can believe they have been found to be fair and honest. Always look for the eCOGRA seal when you play! London, 14 October 2008 – Tex Rees, the Fair Gaming Advocate at the London-based player protection and standards body eCOGRA, will be one of a panel of experts discussing Responsible Gambling at the Asian Gambling Briefing starting in Singapore on the 21st October.

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    • 08 October 2008

      eCOGRA Accreditation Awarded to 32Red

      Another Casino has been accredited as Safe and Fair by eCOGNA, and receives their seal!London, 8 October 2008 – The online gambling player protection and standards body eCOGRA has announced the successful completion of its rigorous inspection and testing process by listed gaming company 32Red Plc and its online poker and online casino operations.

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    • 02 October 2008

      iMEGA Files With Court of Appeals

      All other Gaming Associations needs to follow suit with iMEGA did! IMEGA is The Interactive Media Entertainment Association, and they filed a Brief with the US Court of Appeals on the UIGEA bill. They have been against the bill since it was passed in 2006. Since the UIGEA does not say online gambling is illegal, it does keep banks, and credit card companies, from processing transactions from US players. The UIGEA is severely flawed as pointed out by several online companies.

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    • 27 September 2008


       If you want to know all that is happening in the gaming Industry, Gamesandcasino it where you will find it!!After the recent takeover of the OnlinePlayersUnion.com, GamesandCasino.com has now taken over the well established Poker forum Freerollerz.com. Renamed to GamesandCasino-PokerForum.com, this lively Poker message board has also undergone complete reorganization to provide a better platform for Poker players around the globe.(PRWEB) September 27, 2008 — GamesandCasino.

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    • 23 September 2008

      Kentucky censor online gambling within state walls

      Last week, a Franklin County Circuit judge took the unusual step of ordering the transfer of 141 gambling related, internet domain names. This was part of an attempt to prevent illegal and non regulated online gambling within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky will go down on record as being the first US state to bring such actions against a gambling operator resulting in a mass domain seizure. The order was served on Thursday.

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    • 22 September 2008

      Hongkongers' dominate the World Series of Mahjong, 2008.

      Last night, Alex Ho Kwok-hung of Hong Kong defeated an impressive field to win the 2nd World Series of Mahjong title. He outlasted the strongest ever assembled field of Mahjong players, to collect the first place prize of US$500,000 in Macau. Hong Kong is a world force at Mahjong. Not only did Ho Kwon-Hung win the illustrious, tongue twister title of “King of Mahjong from Hong Kong”, his two countrymen filled the 2nd and 3rd place spots. Mr.

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    • 19 September 2008

      World's First Multiple Live Deal Casino service released on 23rd September, 2008.

      On 23rd September, LGS (Live Game Systems), an online gaming service provider will unveil the first ever multiple casino live dealer, offered through EIG in Barcelona. This is new LGS product is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and will be promoted as the first ever live dealing service to come from multiple licensed bricks and mortar casinos. This will enhance consumer trust within the online casino industry.

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    • 18 September 2008

      EU gambling firms hint at possible WTO case against the USA

      It looks as though gambling firms within the European Union are ready to take the USA to task over the American Governments total disregard for international trading laws. Yesterday, a European industry group hinted at the possibility of filing a dispute with the WTO (World Trade Organization). While EU officials were in Washington to delve into U.S. Justice Department enforcement actions. Lode Van Den Hende, outside counsel for the Remote Gambling Association, told to reporters:

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    • 17 September 2008

      Olympia Group announce intent to push for casino in Maine, USA.

      With the aim of revitalizing a faltering campaign to push for a casino in Oxford County, Maine, a Las Vegas developer has stepped forward with a $100 Million investment offer. It is now down to state voters in November, who have the opportunity to make this a reality. Evergreen Mountain Enterprises was at the center of a legal battle over this move, causing Rumford Layer, Seth Carey to abandon the long running campaign.

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