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    • 04 November 2008

      eCOGRA’s Study on Responsible Gaming Practices

      eCOGRA is spreading their wings to ensure your safety and fairness, when playing online. Always look for their seal of approval. An EU Private Industry leads first ever benchmark study.  Here is the latest press release:

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    • 21 October 2008

      eCOGRA Accreditation to Net Entertainment

      Congratulations to Net Entertainment for receiving the eCOGRA seal of approval!!London, 21 October 2008 – One of the online gambling industry’s top software developers, Net Entertainment, has been accredited by the player protection and standards body eCOGRA following a range of comprehensive software, probity and operating systems inspections by independent auditors.

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    • 15 October 2008

      eCOGRA Will Have Panelists at Asian Conference

      eCOGRA which is know for their Fair Gaming, will have a Advocate at the Asian Conference. Any Site with the eCOGRA seal you can believe they have been found to be fair and honest. Always look for the eCOGRA seal when you play! London, 14 October 2008 – Tex Rees, the Fair Gaming Advocate at the London-based player protection and standards body eCOGRA, will be one of a panel of experts discussing Responsible Gambling at the Asian Gambling Briefing starting in Singapore on the 21st October.

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    • 08 October 2008

      eCOGRA Accreditation Awarded to 32Red

      Another Casino has been accredited as Safe and Fair by eCOGNA, and receives their seal!London, 8 October 2008 – The online gambling player protection and standards body eCOGRA has announced the successful completion of its rigorous inspection and testing process by listed gaming company 32Red Plc and its online poker and online casino operations.

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    • 02 October 2008

      iMEGA Files With Court of Appeals

      All other Gaming Associations needs to follow suit with iMEGA did! IMEGA is The Interactive Media Entertainment Association, and they filed a Brief with the US Court of Appeals on the UIGEA bill. They have been against the bill since it was passed in 2006. Since the UIGEA does not say online gambling is illegal, it does keep banks, and credit card companies, from processing transactions from US players. The UIGEA is severely flawed as pointed out by several online companies.

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    • 27 September 2008


       If you want to know all that is happening in the gaming Industry, Gamesandcasino it where you will find it!!After the recent takeover of the OnlinePlayersUnion.com, GamesandCasino.com has now taken over the well established Poker forum Freerollerz.com. Renamed to GamesandCasino-PokerForum.com, this lively Poker message board has also undergone complete reorganization to provide a better platform for Poker players around the globe.(PRWEB) September 27, 2008 — GamesandCasino.

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    • 23 September 2008

      Kentucky censor online gambling within state walls

      Last week, a Franklin County Circuit judge took the unusual step of ordering the transfer of 141 gambling related, internet domain names. This was part of an attempt to prevent illegal and non regulated online gambling within the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Kentucky will go down on record as being the first US state to bring such actions against a gambling operator resulting in a mass domain seizure. The order was served on Thursday.

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    • 22 September 2008

      Hongkongers' dominate the World Series of Mahjong, 2008.

      Last night, Alex Ho Kwok-hung of Hong Kong defeated an impressive field to win the 2nd World Series of Mahjong title. He outlasted the strongest ever assembled field of Mahjong players, to collect the first place prize of US$500,000 in Macau. Hong Kong is a world force at Mahjong. Not only did Ho Kwon-Hung win the illustrious, tongue twister title of “King of Mahjong from Hong Kong”, his two countrymen filled the 2nd and 3rd place spots. Mr.

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    • 19 September 2008

      World's First Multiple Live Deal Casino service released on 23rd September, 2008.

      On 23rd September, LGS (Live Game Systems), an online gaming service provider will unveil the first ever multiple casino live dealer, offered through EIG in Barcelona. This is new LGS product is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and will be promoted as the first ever live dealing service to come from multiple licensed bricks and mortar casinos. This will enhance consumer trust within the online casino industry.

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    • 18 September 2008

      EU gambling firms hint at possible WTO case against the USA

      It looks as though gambling firms within the European Union are ready to take the USA to task over the American Governments total disregard for international trading laws. Yesterday, a European industry group hinted at the possibility of filing a dispute with the WTO (World Trade Organization). While EU officials were in Washington to delve into U.S. Justice Department enforcement actions. Lode Van Den Hende, outside counsel for the Remote Gambling Association, told to reporters:

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    • 17 September 2008

      Olympia Group announce intent to push for casino in Maine, USA.

      With the aim of revitalizing a faltering campaign to push for a casino in Oxford County, Maine, a Las Vegas developer has stepped forward with a $100 Million investment offer. It is now down to state voters in November, who have the opportunity to make this a reality. Evergreen Mountain Enterprises was at the center of a legal battle over this move, causing Rumford Layer, Seth Carey to abandon the long running campaign.

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    • 16 September 2008

      Barney Frank's HR 6870 Bill Approved

      Today, the House Financial Services Committee reviewed and approved Barney Frank’s second version of his Payments System Protection Act. It was voted through by a 30-19 vote. The bill was initially discussed and verbally voted through. Spencer Bachus, a Republican Congressman then stood up and requested a formal roll call vote at 5.00PM ET. This paved the way for the bill to pass through with ease.

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    • 16 September 2008

      2nd World Series of Mahjong Sept 19th - Sept 21st 2008

      The success of the hit TV show Casino, has created interest in Mahjong throughout Asia. The show teaches you the basic game rules. You will be guided through the steps during real game play. The game is played, pitting the  hosts against the guests. If any guest happens to win 5 continuous sets, they will receive a prize of 500,000 NT dollars. The Much-TV show revitalized Mahjong and has made the game fashionable within Taiwanese communities.

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    • 15 September 2008

      Barney Frank Internet Gambling Bill : HR 6870

      On Thursday, Congressman Barney Frank proposed a new online gambling bill, the HR 6870. The bill is scheduled to be recommended tomorrow, Tuesday 16th September 2008 to the House Financial Services Committee. One of five proposals to enter room 2128 of the Rayburn House Office Building, at 1:00pm ET, in Washington, D.C., the HR 6870 offers online gamblers a glimmer of hope.

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    • 06 September 2008

      Pauma Tribe offer Virtual Casino with a Twist

      In an innovative attempt to attract gamblers to its Valley Centre, the Pauma Tribe of North County, California, are now offering online casino games. State regulators are still deliberating whether the games are legal. A gambling watchdog group has also stepped forward to state that the games have no proper licensing. Last month, the Pauma Band of Mission Indians, opened a virtual casino on their website. The games include video slot machines, card and table games.

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    • 28 August 2008

      The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

      Unless you are just back from a 2 year vacation to the moon, you will know there is an ongoing online gambling dispute. The United States Government is behind it. Back in September 2006, money motivated US congressmen devised a scheme to take over online gambling. Tax it in the US, collect revenue and rid the world of dishonesty. True to form, President Bush signed the UIGEA.

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    • 23 August 2008

      Doylesroom Unveils Online Casino and World Record Jackpots

      This week, after the shock demise of ChanPoker, WSOP legend Johnny Chan’s poker room closed its doors forever. At the same time fellow poker legend Doyle Brunson strengthened his own brand, adding Doylesroom Online Casino, to his long standing poker site, Doylesroom.com. Since the implementation of the UIGEA back in 2006, it has been difficult for online gambling sites to survive in what is now, a fiercely competitive industry.

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    • 18 August 2008

      Seizure of Boss Media Network by Pokertrillion!

      This is a BIG news story. This could and will affect a lot of poker sites and Casinos!! Just how much so is yet to be seen. POKERTRILLION.com has been successful in its Application to Seize Boss Media Servers in MaltaMalta August 18, 2008 –The online poker site POKERTRILLION.

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    • 12 August 2008

      BetOnSports Case: Three Plead Guilty

      In a Federal court on Wednesday, three Florida men plead guilty to gambling related charges.Read the full story:http://www.stltoday.com/stltoday/news/stories.nsf/stlouiscitycounty/story/9AED2B189BD9E23C8625749E0007BF4E?OpenDocumentNote the part about, The RVs had computers and mobile phone so gamblers could place bets, and one was parked at a Ram’s home game on Oct. 20, 2002. THAT Makes it Illegal Bookies!!! BetOnSports once was one of the largest gambling companies in the world.

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    • 08 August 2008

      The Dispute Between Antigua and the US Has a New Deadline

      The saga continues between the US and Antigua. Yet again the US put it off. The new date of OCT. 1st has been set for an agreement on the online gambling dispute.Mark Mendel, the Attorney for Antigua, at the WTO, had an interview with the Antigua Sun, and stated that he hoped they could achieve a resolution, but did not predict any possible results on the matter. He just stated that both parties were attempting to work things out.

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    • 04 August 2008

      Bill HR 6663 on US Online Gambling Laws

      Could this be a start to a new beginning for the online gambling Industry? A Republican from Texas Pete Sessions, a US Congressman has introduced Bill HR 6663. This bill hopes to clarify the UIGEA as to what is legal and not legal in the US. This Bill may allow companies that willfully left the US market to re-enter the US market.

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    • 01 August 2008

      UIGEA Clarification Called for by Four Republican Congressman

      Four Republican Congressman sent a written letter to the Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury Calling for more clarity on what the laws really are in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act.Here is the body of that letter:Dear Secretary Paulson and Chairman Bernanke,We are writing to request that you bring clarity to the Federal Reserve Board’s (Board) and U.S.

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    • 26 July 2008

      IRS Notice to PayPal

      What next? First Neteller now PayPal. What do we expect form the US Government? They are taking more and more of our rights to privacy away. And they will continue to do so, till the American people stand up and fight!!!This is an email PayPal are sending out to their customers:Dear ()PayPal has received a summons from the United States Internal Revenue Service requiring us to produce various records, including data related to your PayPal account.

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    • 24 July 2008

      GamesandCasino to Sponsor Online Players Union

      One of the most respected sites on the web, www.GamesandCasino.com is proud to announce the sponsorship to Online Players Union. Their goal is to make you online experience the safest and best it can be!! This is a Press Release: Ending a year of speculation on various online message boards, one of the oldest and most extensive online gambling information sites, GamesAndCasino.com, has announced it’s sponsorship of the OnlinePlayersUnion.com/forum/.   The CEO of GamesandCasino.

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    • 16 July 2008

      EGBA Commitment to Higher Gaming Standards

      This is a press release from eCOGRA today from Brussels. eCOGRA continues to bring higher responsible gaming standards of protection for all players. Brussels, 15 July 2008 – The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) today launches a comprehensive set of standards that covers all aspects of player protection, fair gaming and responsible operator behaviour in the online gaming and betting environment.

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    • 14 July 2008

      Interview with Congressman Wexler and PPA D’Amato

      After the setback to repeal the UIGEA billed failed by a tie vote, in the House Financial Services, Casino City had an interview with Congressman Wexler and PPA Chairman Alfonse D’Amato. In the interview they discussed the situation and what to do next.Here are parts of their conversation: H.R. 5767 and the King amendment failed in committee.

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    • 25 June 2008

      Congressional Committee Reached a Stalemate on New Regulations to Enforce UIGEA!

      On Tuesday, June 25, 2008, an amendment to UIGEA bill to make the U.S. Dept of Treasury and the Federal Reserve System develop new regulations that are less burdensome to the U.S. financial services companies was defeated by a tie vote. This amendment would have forced federal regulators to create formal rulemaking regulations to define unlawful internet gambling activities, and to create a list of unlawful internet gambling businesses.

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    • 20 June 2008

      House Committee is to Vote on UIGEA Suspension!!

      This could be very good news for the online Gambling Industry!! Soon hopefully we will know what will happen. (Washington, D.C. – June 20, 2008) – On June 24, 2008, the House Committee on Financial Services will mark up legislation, H.R.

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    • 18 June 2008

      New Resolution Date Set Between Antigua and US

      The saga continues between the US and Antigua. For such a small island they have shown a lot of guts and determination in this battle.Antigua’s top finance official, said that a new deadline date of Friday, June 20th has been set to settle their dispute with Washington and St. John over internet gambling. It was set to be settled on June 6th, but was not.

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    • 17 June 2008

      UIGEA Is Failing?

      This could be very good news indeed for the Online Gaming Industry. It is about time the US opens their eyes to a law that can never be put in place. The US has enough to worry about without trying to put in place a law that will never work.The experts in the Gaming Industry are saying the UIGEA CANNOT be implemented. They are asking the US to get smart and join the rest of the world, and regulate the online gaming.

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