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  • 18 January 2010

    Controversy with Harry Reid Could Change Online Gambling in the US

    If the GOP has their way and force the resignation of Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, regulated online gambling may be one step closer to reality. Senator Reid has fought hard to keep online gambling illegal, in order to protect the gaming interests of his home state of Nevada. If he were no longer in Washington, many believe Rep. Barney Frank’s proposal for regulated internet gambling would have a much better chance of passage.

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  • 17 January 2010

    Legalizing Internet Gambling Bill for New Jersey

    The State of New Jersey may be joining the squabble over legalizing internet gaming. State Senator Raymond Lesniak has introduced bill S3167, which would make it legal to play and bet on the games of poker, roulette, baccarat, mini baccarat, craps, blackjack, slots, pai gow, red dog, and sic bo. The bill would require that the servers and monitoring offices for the internet gaming companies be located in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

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  • 16 January 2010

    Haiti Relief Poker Tournament by Doyles Room Online Poker

    Attention all online poker players. Want to help the cause in Haiti and still player poker? Then have we got the perfect deal for you. is giving all of its proceeds from this Wednesday’s $50,000 Bounty tournament to a relief organization. In addition, it is going to match all bounty money won and will add additional funds to help the relief work in Haiti. That is a potential total of $50,000 to be donated to the Haiti relief efforts.

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  • 15 January 2010

    2009 Online Gambling Dispute Stats Released by eCOGRA

    This is all checked and done for the benefit to the players for approved online sites. If they are eCOGRA approved they are safe!

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  • 13 January 2010

    Microgaming Upgrade Rejected by Casino Rewards

    I am sure this came as a disappointment to Microgaming, but looking out for the players interests always comes first! LAS VEGAS, Nevada — (PRESS RELEASE) — A planned upgrade by game software provider Microgaming has been rejected by in an effort to maintain the best user experience across its 19 online casino brands.

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  • 12 January 2010

    Barney Frank Heads up Internet Gambling Regulation

    HOT news right off the press!! KUDDOS to Barney Frank!! Let’s all of us stand behind him and show our support in this matter. It will make the world of difference in our freedom to play online!

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  • 12 January 2010

    Iowa not likely to Expand Gambling

    Iowa, like so many other states, is looking for ways to make up state budget shortfalls caused by the economic crisis. One idea being passed around by many is expanding gambling in the state. However, the state legislature is no so enamored by the idea. With 21 licensed casinos in the state already, state lawmakers say that further expansion of gambling is very unlikely.

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  • 10 January 2010

    Estonia has Legalized Online Casinos

    The little Republic of Estonia, sitting up on the northern European border with the Baltic Sea, is finally a leader in the European community. Estonia has just recently legalized online gambling. With this latest move, Estonia hopes to ease some of the financial shortfalls brought about by the financial crisis of the last year.

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  • 09 January 2010

    The Sentencing of David Carruthers

    David Carruthers’ ordeal is finally over. Or soon will be in 33 months. That is the length of the sentence handed down to him by Judge Carol E. Jackson of the Missouri Eastern district Court following a plea agreement between David Carruthes and federal prosecutors yesterday. He has been confined to a hotel in St. Louis, MO. Since his arrest in 2006, he has been under electronic surveillance while waiting for trial.

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  • 08 January 2010

    Pennsylvania Gambling Law Update

    I know that Pennsylvania casino players are happy with this news! Hopefully other states will follow. LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell is expected to sign a bill into law today that will allow the state’s slot machine-only casinos to add table games to gaming floors. The new law will allow large Pennsylvania casinos to add up 250 table games each and smaller resort style casinos can add 50 games each. Casino operators will pay an upfront license fee of $16.

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