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Bingo Sky’s Saturday Night Tournament Is A “Must Play” Event
January 24, 2014

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bingoskyxmasBingo Sky has all but given you an order to take part in one of the best promotions they offer. It’s called the “Must Play Binigo Tourney” and though members are not required to play in this event, Bingo Sky is making sure that you know it is a very good idea to get involved. The Must Play Bingo Tourney goes on for four hours every Saturday night in Bingo Sky’s special Tourney Room. The event offers thousands of dollars of prizes in each of the hours.

Bingo Sky is one of our top recommended bingo rooms that also accept players from USA (and other parts of the world).

The Tourney starts at 01:00 GMT, and will include as many as seven games in each hour. The action begins with The “Top of the Hour” three-part game. The first of the three parts is worth $25 and the second part is worth $50. The biggest money in the game comes in the Coverall, which is valued at $1,000 Guaranteed!

Games 2 and 3 are also three-part games, with values of $25 and $50 for the first two parts and $250 Guaranteed for the Coverall. Game 4 of the Must Play Bingo Tourney is considered the “Mid-Hour” game. It has a starting value of $150, but that total will go up because the player wagers are added to the prize pool.

The remaining time in the hour is filled with three three-part games. Each one of them offers $250 for the Coverall. Each of these games offers $25 for the first part, $50 for the second part and concludes with a Coverall that is worth $250 Guaranteed.

The Must Play Bingo Tourney games then continue for three more hours, utilizing the same format in each of the hours. So Bingo Sky gives you dozens of chances to win during this tournament while offering a total of nearly $12,000 in total prizes!

Win Big Money During Bingo Hall’s Fusion Friday
January 24, 2014

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bingohall-xmasThe Bingo Hall site has created something new and exciting for its members called “Fusion Friday.” It takes place every Friday night in the Bingo Hall Dollar Room and offers you the chance to win thousands during four hours of action.

Every hour of Fusion Friday features at least ten games, with each of the hours beginning nicely with a Starting Game that offers $150 Guaranteed. It is followed by a Progressive Jackpot game which gives everyone the chance for a huge pay day. That game will be followed by a Bingo Hall specialty, a “Dancing Game,” which will be worth between $200-$400.

Each hour of Fusion Friday will then continue with another $150 Guaranteed Game, which will be followed by a Free Fixed game worth $50. Following that will be another Fixed game, but this one offers a total of $500 in guaranteed prizes.

Each hour will then conclude with another $150 Guaranteed Starting game, another Progressive Jackpot game and then another Dancing Game which will again be worth between $200 and $400. The Fusion Friday hours will then conclude with another Progressive Jackpot game.

At the end of the hour, you can try all these tournaments again and for the two hours beyond that. But Bingo Hall has also added one more special feature to the Fusion Friday action.

At some point during the four hours of competition, there will be a quite special, unscheduled Fixed game. What makes it so exciting is the size of the prize money that it offers. Bingo Hall has put up $1,000 for this special attraction!

There is no telling when this game will start, so while you’re enjoying all the excitement of Fusion Friday at Bingo Hall, keep alert for this lucrative opportunity.

Cyber Bingo Has Put Together Their “Best Deals” For All Members
January 24, 2014

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cyber-bingoThere are always great games and special offers available at the Cyber Bingo room and this month, they have decided to put several of them into one promotion. They call it their “Best Deals” and it combines three of the favourites of Cyber Bingo members.

The first of the Best Deals is called “Bingo Fiesta.” These are multi-part games which are played every day in the New Year Bingo Room from 18:00-21:00 GMT. In every Fiesta Game you enter, you have three chances to win with every card you purchase and each card can cost as little as $0.25. These daily games include a fabulous $5,000 Coverall.

The second of the special Best Deals being offered right now at Cyber Bingo is the “$15,000 Coverall Minimum $150.” These are special games which are played from Sunday to Thursday. They begin at 23:00 GMT and continue for eight hours until 07:00 GMT. There are two games every hour played in the $15,000 Coverall competition. The action takes place in Cyber Bingo’s Diamond Room.

The third part of the Best Deals is also “This Month’s Spotlight” at Cyber Bingo. It is the “Evening Special” which begins every night at 23:00 in the New Year Room. Cyber’s Evening Games include several games and several features throughout each hour of competition.

There are both Mid Hour and Top of the Hour Coveralls during the Evening Games. Each one is potentially worth a staggering $10,000 with a minimum value of $75.

You will also find a special deal if you play in the single part games offered during Cyber’s Evening Special. You can buy a ticket for these games for as little as $0.25 and if you buy six tickets, Cyber Bingo will give you an extra three tickets for free!

Don’t Miss Out On Maria Bingo’s Mobile Site
January 22, 2014

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maria-mobileIf you haven’t yet used your mobile device to access the games of Maria Bingo, you’re missing out on a very convenient way to play all of your favourites at the site. The games are available for both an Android device and an iPhone.

You can access Maria Bingo with the same account details that you use on your computer. Log in on your device at m.maria.com and you will then have all the great graphics and features of Maria Bingo in the palm of your hand! There is no additional download required. And rest assured that Maria provides both a safe and secure online environment for you to play.

In addition to all of the bingo that is available, you can also play many of your other favourite games at Maria’s mobile site. You can choose from eight different table games as well as 48 different slot games. And all bonuses that you have earned from Maria Bingo can be used on your smart phone. In addition, as a Maria mobile customer, you will also have access to a number of special promotions that will only be offered to members using a Mobile device.

Not only is it easy to access Maria’s Mobile site, but it is also simple to use. You should have no trouble navigating all of the various features that are available to you. Whether you are looking to deposit funds to your account or looking to withdraw money, Maria has made those actions and many others very easy to execute.

You will also have no problem moving back and forth between the banking area and the many games. Whether you want to play Bingo, Slots or Table Games, the Maria Mobile Lobby can get you into the action very quickly.

The Stargazers Tourney at Cyber Bingo
January 8, 2014

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cyber-bingoOur recommended USA bingo site Cyber Bingo has added a new, lucrative and fun promotion that will run through most of January. It is called the “Stargazers Bingo Tourney” and it offers all members a chance to get a piece of an extra $2,500 that Cyber Bingo is putting up.

The promo began on January 6 and will continue until January 26. It will feature a special game every hour of the promotion. The game will feature one of Cyber Bingo’s fun zodiac patterns. All twelve patterns being used in the games are different and interesting.

Some of the patterns are quite simple, like Aries, which looks quite a bit like a Shepherd’s tool. Another easy one is used for the Gemini Twins. This sign features the Roman Number 2, or II. Other signs, such as the symbols for Capricorn and Pisces, are more complicated and will take longer to fill. Whatever the pattern, the Stargazers Bingo Tourney will provide you with plenty of enjoyable action every hour.

The winner of each of the many Tourney games will receive one point from Cyber Bingo. After the tourney concludes on January 26, Cyber will add up everyone’s point total and award prizes. The player who has the most points for the month will collect a very nice prize of $1,000. The top ten players in the standings will share in the remaining money in the $2,500 prize pool.

Since there is a new Stargazers game every hour, there are literally hundreds of games you can enter and win during the month. Even if you weren’t able to play at the start of the promotion, there will still be plenty of time and plenty of games for you to win and move up the Cyber Bingo leader board.

Great Rewards With Maria Bingo’s Loyalty Programme
January 8, 2014

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mariaMaria Bingo has a very generous and rewarding Loyalty programme for all it’s members. Every time you play at the site, you will get Loyalty Points and eventually, those points can be converted into some nice bonuses.

There are five different Loyalty Levels at Maria Bingo. The higher your Level, the more points you will earn every time you play. You will earn more points when you play Bingo, but you will also be rewarded when you play slots.

For the 1 Star Level, you’ll earn 100 points for every £10 you spend on Bingo. You’ll also earn 10 points for every £10 you spend on Slots. When you reach the 2 Star Level, you’ll get 110 points for every £10 you spend on Bingo and you’ll get 30 points for every £10 you spend on Slots. For Level 3, the numbers are 120 points for Bingo and 40 for Slots.

For the 4 Star Level, you’ll get 130 points for every £10 spent on Bingo and 50 points for the same amount spent on Slots. The highest level you can attain is 5 Stars. At that Loyalty Level, Maria Bongo will give you 150 points for every £10 you spend on Bingo and 70 points for £10 spent on slot machines.

You can begin to redeem your Loyalty Points when your total reaches 750. That number of points will earn you £1 to spend as you choose at Maria Bingo. Every subsequent time you earn 750 points, you will have another £1 to spend.

So as your Star Level increases, you’ll earn points faster and you’ll receive more free money to spend on Bingo or other games. No doubt you’ll discover that the Maria Bingo Loyalty Programme is a good thing that just keeps getting better!

Paddy Power Brings In The New Year With A Full Fat And Fabulous Promotion
January 8, 2014

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paddy bingoEvery Monday during January, Paddy Power is offering a special promotion called ”Full, Fat and Fabulous.” It features a “full” range of games to choose from as well as a “fat” pot of cash, bonuses and prizes. The total amount to be given away in this promotion is a truly “fabulous” €13,000.

Beginning on Monday of each week, there will be one of two different types of online bingo contests conducted. Either you’ll be playing to win entries into a prize drawing, or you will be competing with other players on a weekly Leader board. For each week, there are two lists of Exclusive side games. One is for play on your computer and the other is for use with your mobile device. Check the Paddy Power promotion page to see which side games are being used each week.

If the weekly event is a Leader board competition, you will earn five points for every €5 you spend on the Exclusive games or other side games. If the weekly promotion is a prize drawing, you will receive five prize drawings for every €5 you spend on that week’s game.

Whether the weekly contest in Full Fat and Fabulous is a drawing or a Leader board competition, the prizes are similar. They include €375 in cash as well as such nice gifts as handbags, bracelets, necklaces and watches. You could also win a huge amount of member Star Points to spend as you see fit.

There is an “added flavour” available in Paddy Power’s Full, Fat and Fabulous contest. It comes when you play in an exclusive game on your computer and also play a game on your mobile device. You will then be entered into a special drawing which offers three €500 prizes.

Cyber Bingo Has Many Holiday Prizes As You Count Down To Christmas
December 23, 2013

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cyberbingo-logo-xmasCyber Bingo has another great holiday promotion, following the 13K Holiday event we earlier wrote about, called the “12 Days of Christmas Bbs.” It will be available daily until December 24 in the Chat Games played in Cyber Bingo’s festively adorned Christmas Room.

Every day of this promotion, there will be one special countdown number which will vary depending on how many days remain until Christmas. On Christmas Eve, for example the magic number is B1, since December 24 is one day from Christmas. On December 23, the special number is B2, on December 22, it’s B3 and you get the idea.

To win in the 12 Days of Christmas Bbs contest, you must get a bingo on that day’s special countdown number. If you do, Cyber Bingo room will reward you with 25 Bbs, which will be credited to your account within 24 hours. Even better, you can win several times a day during this promotion. Cyber Bingo will pay out 25 Bbs every time a game in the Christmas Room ends on that day’s special countdown number, though if you have multiple winning cards on one game you’ll receive just one special bonus.

You’ll need to keep track of the countdown number yourself when you log on to play in the 12 Days of Christmas Bbs promotion. If you do win, you’ll then need to send an email to Cyber Bingo which includes the reference game number.

After the 12 Days of Christmas have passed, you can win a similar contest to be held on December 31 beginning at 8 AM. Cyber Bingo will be offering a “’31′ New Year’s Eve Special.” On that day, if you bingo on N31, you’ll win 31 Bbs. What’s more, you can collect this bonus while playing in any Cyber Bingo room.

Win together with your friends at Bingo Hall
December 23, 2013

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bingohall-xmasWho says bingo is just an individual game? At Bingo Hall, they also think it’s a team sport. That’s why they’ve brought out a special competition called “Team Bingo Smackdown Part 2.” There is $3,000 cash available in this promotion.

Four players make up a team in this Smackdown. Once you’ve assembled a group, you need to send an email to the website using the address promotions@bingohall.ag. Include the name of the team and the aliases of the four members. On Wednesday, Bingo Hall will display the names of all the teams and all of their members.

The competition goes on most of the day on Thursday, from 12:00 AM until 10:00 PM. All the action in Team Bingo Smackdown Part 2 takes place in the Fair and Square Room. All members of each team must play at least three games during the day.

The competition is not complicated. Whichever team wins the most games will win $3,000. The winners of the prize will be announced at midnight, just a couple of hours after the competition ends.

Bingo Hall has added another exciting level to their team competition. It is a monthly promotion known as the “Smackdown Playoffs.” On the last Saturday of the month, all players who took part in that month’s team event can enter the Playoffs free of charge. The competition will take place in the Dollar Room between 9PM and 12AM.

Though all players who enter the event will have taken part in the team competition, everyone is on their own in the Playoffs. The three players who win the most games during the three hours of competition will win prizes. The player who finishes in first place will win $1,500. Second place is worth $750 and third place will be worth $500 cash.

More Than 1 Million Available In Paddy Power’s Panto
December 17, 2013

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paddy-pantoPaddy Power Bingo has some big money available during the holiday season. It’s a promotion called “£1.3 Million Panto.” That large amount of money is spread out over the entire month of December on a series of shows-or pantos-and programmes. There will also be special drawings for valuable prizes, including free bingo for a year.

Click the image to play these bingo games at Paddy Power now.

There are four different Pantos which Paddy Power have scheduled for December, beginning with “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” This show will run daily through Christmas Eve and offers a chance to win £10,000 every day. The action takes place in Paddy Power Bingo’s Gold Room and features a daily £10,000 Escalator jackpot. The amount of balls called will increase every hour after 3PM until the Jackpot is hit. The £10,000 payoff is guaranteed if it is still available by the last game of the day at 23:54.

In addition to the escalator Jackpot, the Snow White show also includes a special offer which will be revealed every day at the Paddy Power Bingo site along with the bonus code needed.

The next show in the Panto series is “Jack And the Beanstalk.” It runs through December 15 and has £5,000 worth of prizes. The players who are most active in the special Jack And The Beanstalk games will win the money in this promotion, with the winner getting £1,000.

Another Panto is set for the holidays beginning on Christmas Eve and continuing through New Year’s Eve. This show is called the “Widow Twanky” and showtime is from 8-9PM in the Ruby Room.

A total of £35,000 will be available from the Widow Twanky, with most of it on Boxing Day. A total of £26,000 will be given out that day, with the festivities beginning at 10:30 PM that night.

The most lucrative part of Paddy Power’s Panto is “Cinderella.” This program will run from December 21- January 1 and over those 12 days, there will be special games with prizes totaling £1,000,000.