Bingo Gala Promotions

23 November 2009

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Accepts all Players

Wows just take a gander at these jackpots!!

• Quarters Jackpot $10,709.00
• High Roller $3,259.18
• Super Pot 90 $10,035.42
• Gold Hall $2,850.30
• Dimes Jackpot $3,152.40
• Nickels Jackpot $1,088.61
• Big 3 $274.20 $1,046.63 $1,117.42

How is that for jackpots? You can try Gala and get $10 free just for signing up! Then get 200% on your first deposit, with NO wagering requirements! They have tons od special games they play you can see on the site under specials.

Head on over to BingoGala and get one of them jackpots in time for Christmas!!!