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28 September 2005


NFL Football season continues. You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy the game at! Join us this Sunday the 1st of October in our Quarter stream for 5 hours of

Special games and jackpots and score that extra win!
*From 1pm to 4pm: $100 guaranteed jackpots
*From 4pm to 6pm: $125 guaranteed jackpots

PLUS, the Goal Post pattern will play once hourly between 1pm and 6pm. All winners of this pattern will go into a Most Valuable Player drawing from which will select 1 winner to receive a $100 CASH prize!

*The winner will be drawn and credited the following Monday.

In our Dime stream watch for the Dollar Bill pattern to play once hourly with a jackpot of $75 and get in on a chance to win what we all like best… Bingo Money! All players who win on this pattern will go into a drawing from which will select 5 lucky players to receive a BONUS of $150!