Spectra Bingo Promotions are a DIAMOND Treasure

12 September 2007


Spectra Bingo lauches their most extravagant Promotion: Diamonds and Gift Certificates!

1. We have just launched our most extravagant Online Bingo promotion to date:

£10,000 Diamond Rings Treasure campaign.

How can your players win 16 Diamond rings worth £10,000?

During the next 15 weeks we will give away a £500 Diamond Ring each week and come Dec. 24th we will give one 1 Carat Diamond Ring worth £2,500!

That’s not all!

Even if your players didn’t win a diamond, all qualified players will receive a free £5 Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate!
2. We are still running our highly converting amazon.co.uk & HMV.co.uk gift certificates promotion.

How can your players win an amazon.co.uk & HMV.co.uk gift certificate?

They simply Deposit and play for a minimum of £15 and we sent them via email the gift certificate within 72 hours.

Join in on the Diamond Rings Treasure Campaign at Spectra.