Internet Bingo

  • 01 December 2010

    Bingo Liner Gets Festive with a Ford Fiesta Giveaway

    If you have “Get a New Car” and “Play Online Bingo” on your list of potential New Year’s resolutions, Bingo Liner may give you a chance to hit two birds with one stone. Or one “Bingo!!” rather. At 10pm (EST) on Saturday, December 11th, 2010, Bingo Liner is hosting a Mega Bingo game in which the only prize is a 2011 Ford Fiesta.

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  • 01 December 2010

    Holiday Bank Heist Slots from Playtime Bingo

    Accepts all Players Starting on December 3rd, Playtime Bingo is hosting another round of the Bank Heist slot tournament. From then until December 13th, all players need to do to play in this online slots tournament is to decide which Bank Heist game you’d rather play, the 3-reel or the 5-reel. After that, it’s all about you and Lady Luck. Both slot games give access to the ginormous Jackpot (last viewed as being $54,324.00).

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  • 24 November 2010

    New Bingo Billy Heats Up Thanksgiving with a Progressive Buffet

    New Bingo Billy is offering all the players who deposited money in November a chance at its Progressive Jackpot in the Cloudy Bingo room. The dates and times this room is available vary, but it’s always posted in the New Bingo Billy Promotions section for your convenience. The last time we checked (which was just a few minutes ago), it’s up and running between 8pm and 12am. The cost of games can vary, and right now you can play for $.25 per card (up to $12 or 48 cards maximum).

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  • 18 November 2010

    Get Black Friday Savings Every Day at Imperial Bingo

    Accepts all Players Black Friday, Schmlack Friday. I just found one of the best kept online bingo secrets when it comes to stretching that almighty bingo budget: the Blowout 75 Bingo Hall at Imperial Bingo. There I was, with time to kill and a limited budget, and I stumbled across this 24/7 online bingo room with nothing but crazy-cheap games after crazy-cheap games.

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  • 15 November 2010

    Turkeys, Drumsticks, and Pies are Hot and Fresh Vic's Bingo!

    What do Turkeys, Drumsticks and Pies have in common? Besides that they are staples of an American Thanksgiving meal. And besides that they’re delicious. Turkeys, Drumsticks, and Pies are the online bingo patterns to watch (and win) at Vic’s Bingo this fabulously generous November.

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  • 11 November 2010

    November Means Free Bingo at Bingo Fun

    Bingo Fun always seems to have a lot to offer its players, but like many online bingo halls, sometimes the promotions are so numerous they can be a little hard to follow. Half the time I’m lucky if I can get a minute to myself to play a couple of games, let alone to be online at a particular time in a particular room looking for a particular pattern.

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  • 08 November 2010

    Deck The Balls with Giggle Bingo

    Man, you really have to hand it to Giggle Bingo for their promotional names. I’ll admit I sometimes just hang out there to see what they’ll come up with next. Giggle Bingo is currently hosting a promotion that actually has nothing to do with Bingo. Or balls, for that matter. During the month of November, Giggle Bingo is asking for its players to “unleash your inner poet” and send in a funny four-line poem that features both Christmas and Giggle Bingo.

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  • 05 November 2010

    Gobble, Gobble Giveaway at Giggle Bingo

    FREE TURKEYS! As midnight passed on Halloween night, the feeling of fright and dread that was centered on werewolves and witches now moves on to something far more real and pressing: The Holidays. To help lighten the stress that the holidays can sometimes (read: always) bring, Giggle Bingo is giving away 10 turkeys in the month of November–and all will be delivered just in time for the Christmas feast.

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  • 02 November 2010

    Bingo Gala Announces Dates for Bingo World Championship

    Accepts all Players Bingo Gala announced the dates for its 2011 Bingo World Championship. If you think you have what it takes to daub with the big dogs, mark your calendars for Saturday, March 26, 2011 at 5pm EST. A prize pool of $8,000 is at stake. Qualifying rounds started on Monday, November 1st. You still have plenty of time to show off your Bingo hollering skills, but don’t wait too long–only so many seats are available.

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  • 29 October 2010

    Imperial Bingo Boasts "No Wagering Requirements"

    Imperial Bingo, home of 5 complete Bingo Halls and an assortment of casino games, announces a welcome package that includes a 350% deposit match bonus on all initial deposits of $10 or more. Current Imperial Bingo fans will get 75% deposit match bonus on each and every deposit they make, plus an additional $10 for deposits made with eWalletXpress. With absolutely no wagering requirements, all bonus cash can be wagered, and all winnings produced from it can be immediately withdrawn.

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