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Casino Games > Free Lotto Game

Free Lotto Tournament Game

Lotto Tournament Winners - Lotto Tourney Rules - How to Sign-Up

Due to a server move our tournaments will be postponed until further notice.

Watch this announcement box for details.

Feel free to play for practice during this break.


Current Lotto Winners!


October 2th - October 9th: chewinggum2


Please Submit the Winners Claim form to claim your prize!

Click here to see a complete list
of lotto tournament winners and scores.

Lotto Tournaments Rules

  • Our weekly tournament runs according to the following cycle: from Monday 12:01 P.M. Eastern to 11:59 A.M. Eastern the following Monday.

  • You are permitted to participate once during each 24-hour period.

  • Your beginning stake is $100 in play money and one half-hour (30 minutes) of playing time.

  • Your goal is to win as much play money as possible before either the time is up, or you run out of play money.

  • The objective of the game is to win as much play money as possible during the allotted time.

  • You can retire from play at any time during the 30-minute period- if you are satisfied with your score, click the button that says "take score

  • The top scorer each week will be the winner, and will be awarded a $15 cash prize

  • Among the weekly winners, the top score for the month will win an additional $50 prize.

  • Winners have 2 weeks to submit the Winners Claim form with Neteller account information, Game date to claim prize. Please allow 2 weeks for payment.

On the game screen, there are 10 different ways to bet.

To view complete instructions and payouts of put your mouse over the question mark (?).

You can bet from 5 to 100 credits per game.

How to Play in the Games and Casino Lotto Tournament

  • The player's bank and winnings are displayed across the top at all times.

  • After executing the bets, press the "Start Draw" button at the bottom of the pool where all the balls are stored.

  • At the top of the pool of balls are buttons that allow the player to "Clear" all the bets that were made on the previous round, place the "Same bets" that were on the previous round, and "Modify" bets from round to round.

  • The player can bet in increments of $5 up to $100 or less, depending on how much bankroll the player has.

  • Separate bets can be placed next to each of the options that are available in the interface.

  • Success in each game differs, according to the objective of that game.

  • To end the game and cash out, the player can press the "Take Score" button, which ends the game, registers the score, and takes the player to the scoreboard.

    Here are the various game options that are available, along with the payouts:


  • Bet up to six numbers you feel will be drawn


  • One ball -- x7.5

  • Two balls -- x70

  • Three balls -- x800

  • Four balls -- x10,000

  • Five balls -- x150,000

  • Six balls -- x1 million


  • Bet up to 11 numbers you feel will NOT be drawn


  • One ball -- x1.05

  • Two balls -- x1.2

  • Three balls -- x1.3

  • Four balls -- x1.6

  • Five balls -- x1.9

  • Six balls -- x2.4

  • Seven balls -- x2.9

  • Eight balls -- x3.7

  • Nine balls -- x4.0

  • Ten balls -- x4.7

  • Eleven balls -- x5.5


  • Bet up to six balls and match the colors


  • One color -- x1.5

  • Two colors -- x2.5

  • Three colors -- x4.0

  • Four colors -- x12.5

  • Five colors -- x80

  • Six colors -- x1350


  • Predict the total count of all drawn balls


  • 251 or higher -- x5000

  • 201-250 -- x20

  • 161-200 -- x3

  • 141-160 -- x4

  • 101-140 -- x2.5

  • 51-100 -- x12

  • 50 or lower -- x1500


  • LOW TO HIGH -- Each ball drawn will be a higher number than the last one drawn -- Payout: x650

  • HIGH TO LOW -- Each ball drawn will be a lower number than the last one drawn -- Payout: x650

  • 2 BY 2 -- Two balls of each color are drawn in sequence -- Payout: x650

    ODD -- The total numerical total of the balls is an odd number -- Payout: x1.95

  • EVEN -- The total numerical total of the balls is an even number -- Payout: x1.95

  • HILL -- The numbers go up to the middle and then down to the end -- Payout: x65

Play the Free Lotto Tournament Game Now!

How To Sign-Up and Play in the Free Lotto Tournament



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