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  • 28 July 2009

    Poker Event held in Kiev by PokerStars

    This Poker Stars event has been moved to Kiev, as announce in a press Release. This is sure to be a big event. (PRESS RELEASE) – The European Poker Tour (EPT) is pleased to announce an alternate venue for its August event, now scheduled to be held in Kiev, the largest city and capital of Ukraine, at the Kiev Sports Palace, from August 18-23, 2009.

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  • 23 July 2009

    Was the PPA Meet Up In DC Successful?

    As part of the National Poker Week, the PPA had what they call a “meetup,” and was said to have set up close to 100 meetings, with members of Congress and presented a petition to the President that had over 350,000 signatures. They also had a few heavy duty poker players at the meetings such as Annie Duke, Howard Lederer, Andy Bloch and Greg Raymer. Annie Duke was involved in several of the meetings, some with Congressmen and women.

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  • 21 July 2009

    PPA’s John Pappas is Interviewed by CAP about National Poker Week

    Straight from the CAP newswire Pappas gives all the details on Political Poker Goals. CAP which is Casino Affiliate Programs and the PPA is the Poker Players Alliance are working together to try to legalize and regulate online poker.

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  • 13 July 2009

    Seized Poker Winnings Asked to be Returned

    According to the Associated Press a payment processor has asked a judge to order the return online poker players money in an amount close to $14 Million. This money was seized illegally they say by the federal government. Here is the Press Release: WASHINGTON (AP) — A payment processor that handles the accounts of online poker players wants a judge to order the return of about $14 million that the company says was illegally seized by the federal government. Account Services Corp.

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  • 12 July 2009

    National Poker Week and Linda Johnson

    There is an online poker petition that you can sign and be heard. Linda Johnson is on her way to Washington for National Poker Week! This will be July 19th to the 25th. She will be presenting the petition to President Obama. She spoke as we all have about contacting our Congressmen and letting them know how we feel bout playing in our own homes and with out own money. We also want them to know about the elderly and homebound, that only can play in their homes.

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  • 01 July 2009

    200,000 Signatures for Poker Petition

    The PPA is trying to get online poker taken out of the UIGEA Bill and have it legalized. So they have been gathering signatures in a petition up and get as many names as possible on it. Since poker has been proven as a game of skill, they say it should be exempt. This petition has really got people in Vegas talking. A lot of the poker tournaments are held in Las Vegas. I say if they want this done then get behind and the ones that have signed the petition behind Barney Frank.

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  • 22 June 2009

    ‘Poker In The Park’ at the UK’s Top Poker League

    This is Europe’s Largest Poker Festival and they would like to invite you to compete for one of the ELEVEN Championship Cups. 22 June 2009 (London, UK) – Market leading poker magazine Bluff Europe are teaming up with the biggest names in pub poker and are inviting thousands of poker league players to Leicester Square to partake in Europe’s biggest annual poker festival: Poker In The Park.

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  • 16 June 2009

    Second Bracelet for Brock Parker

    This is one guy we will be hearing a lot more about! This 27 year old is strutting his stuff at the WSOP, by winning his second WSOP Bracelet! He said and I quote: “I can’t describe this,” said Parker. “This is just unreal. It actually does not feel real to me.” This young man has earned $552,745 for the victory which has put him well over the one million dollar mark. He was the 125th player to accomplish this! We will see what he does in the 37 more events to come.

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  • 11 June 2009

    New York Freezes Funds of Poker Payment Processor

    Well, New York state is at it again; this time they are freezing over $30M in funds that rightfully belong to poker players. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York ordered this seizure, which affected 3 Wells Fargo banks. New York contends that the processor, Allied Systems Inc., is involved in “money laundering and illegal gambling offenses,” but if you ask me, that’s a crock of !@#!.

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  • 20 May 2009

    Legalized Online Poker Closer to Reality in California

    Well, it seems that California is going down the tubes, and fast. Their latest attempt to fix the budget has failed, and now they’re looking at being $25 Billion in debt by the end of the fiscal year, so now they’re looking for other sources of revenue, which include the legalization of online poker sites for Californians, which would be ran from any of the 60 native Indian tribes and/or 91 of the licensed offline card & poker rooms within the state.

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