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  • 29 April 2009

    Poker Series Commissioner Blasts Joan Rivers

    What in the world is up with Joan Rivers? Not only did she call Annie Duke a “nazi(!)”, but her views about poker players are that we’re “beyond white trash”! Another questionable quotes that Rivers made was “Your people, you give money with blood on it.” Where does she get off saying stuff like this? These comments were made during the latest “Celebrity Apprentice” in which both Annie Duke and Joan Rivers were participants in.

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  • 27 April 2009

    California Working to Legalize and Regulate Online Poker

    The bill, titled California Online Poker Law Enforcement Compliance, and Comsumer Protection Act (wow, that’s a mouthful) will be great for Californians. The bill will only legalize online poker within its state walls, and operators will be limited to land-based casinos and card rooms, those of which that currently hold gambling licenses. A few key points of this bill include: Mandates wagering hubs to be located within the state. (I’m assuming this means the gaming servers.

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  • 17 April 2009

    NBC's Poker Heads-Up championship hits the airwaves

    The first 2 hour episode of NBC’s poker heads-up championship hit the airwaves Sunday, April 12th, and will run on Sunday for 6 weeks, until the 3 hour grand finale on May 17th. There is $1.5M up for grabs, and those lucky enough to reach the sweet 16 are guaranteed at least $25,000; with the winner taking home a cool $500K along with the title of being the National Heads-Up Champion. Week one featured some great matches, which included Daniel Negreanu v. Chris Moneymaker, Mike Matusow v.

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  • 04 April 2009

    Spring Championship of Online Poker is currently underway at PokerStars

    With 4 events completed and 18 more to go, there is still millions of dollars up for grabs at PokerStars‘ Spring Championship of online poker. I love what they’ve done with this, as there’s no need to worry if you have a limited bankroll. They have 3 levels of each event – one each for low, medium, and high stakes players alike. You can play in one, two, or even all 3 if you like! Entry fees range anywhere from $16.50 all the way up to $1,000+.

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  • 01 April 2009

    PDC Poker changes their freeroll structure

    Starting today, PDC Poker is changing the way players can enter into freeroll tournaments. The $50,000, $10,000, $2,000 & $1,000 freerolls at PDC Poker will cease to exist, but they are adding several new ones which include a weekly $50,000 freeroll as well as various $5,000 frerolls throughout each week. Entry into different freerolls will now be based on a player’s VIP level, so this new structure is somewhat similar to the rewards scheme that PokerStars has in place.

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  • 27 March 2009

    Online Poker in Washington State - still banned

    When are US states going to learn that they’re sitting on a cash cow when it comes to online gambling, if they were to simply regulate and tax winnings? A Washington state appellate court judge ruled against Lee Rousso, a Washington lawyer, in his bid to overturn a state law which was passed shortly after the UIGEA in 2006 that bans all forms of online gambling. From the time this law was passed in 2006 until late 2007, it was actually a *felony* in Washington state to gamble online.

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  • 25 March 2009

    Bugsy's Club poker room closes their doors

    I haven’t played at Bugsy’s Club for several years, so this move really doesn’t surprise me all that much. Their software was pretty sub-par; mostly because it hadn’t been updated for quite some time and was also very slow and a resource hog – mostly because it was java-based. The good news is that Bugsy’s Club has made a deal with PokerStars which allows players to transfer any money they have at Bugsy’s Club over to their PokerStars account.

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  • 21 March 2009

    Steve Brecher wins the 2009 WPT/Bay 101 Shooting Star championship

    Steve Brecher became the latest WPT poker-made millionaire this morning, at around 4:30am. Steve had a pretty commanding chip lead of over 3:1 going into heads up play against Kathy Liebert once Chris Moore was eliminated in 3rd place, which paid out $291,500. Pretty much every tournament final table has a key hand, and this one was no different, which in this case was hand #178 when Steve Brecher doubled through Kathy Liebert with only 3 players left.

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  • 18 March 2009

    Play resumes today at Bay 101 WPT Shooting Star Championship

    Things are heating up at the 13th annual WPT/Shooting Star tournament, located in San Jose, CA, as today marks the start of Day 2. When day 1A finished, there were 50 players left out of the original starting field of 136, and 96 left at the conclusion of day 1B for a total field of 391 for this event. Combine that with a $10,000 buy-in, and it brings the prize pool up to over $3.5 million up for grabs; with $1,025,000 going to the first place finisher.

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  • 17 March 2009

    Bluff Europe magazine launches Bluff Europe Poker Academy

    The European division of Bluff Magazine, Bluff Europe Magazine, today announced the creation of Bluff Europe Poker Academy. Bluff Europe columnist Alex Rousso will oversee each seminar and will be joined by several big named pros, which will be named next week. The first session of this tour will take place on April 4th at The Casino at the Empire in London, starting at 1pm.

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