$100,000 Freeroll at CarbonPoker

03 May 2010


There is no reason not to take a chance to qualify for this freeroll! Carbon Poker announced this week their biggest ever Guaranteed Tournament schedule and are celebrating by giving all poker players a chance at a $100,000 prize pool for FREE. A 1st place payday of $20,000 in real cash!

I know you are thinking the same as I…What’s the catch?

The simple answer is there isn’t one. Here are 4 ways you can qualify for the $100K Freeroll:

1) Daily Freeroll Qualifiers – These run starting April 25th till May 28th. There will be 5 of these daily freeroll qualifiers.

Here is the daily schedule:

Time -The Prize

  • 04:05 -Top 25 players advance to $100K Freeroll Qualifier Step 2
  • 09:05 – Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
  • 13:05 -Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
  • 18:05 -Top 75 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier
  • 23:05 -Top 50 players advance to $100K Step 2 Qualifier

$100K Freeroll Qualifiers: Saturday May 29th, one tournament and the top 500 players will advance to the $100,000 Freeroll Main Event.

2) Deposit Bonus Qualifiers - Use the code 100MAYPK while making a real money deposit between April 15th and May 28th. Not only do you get a 100% reload bonus but also a tournament entry coupon for the $100k Depositor Qualifier.

3) Earn your way in - From April 15th through May 29th inclusive, any real money player will have access to the daily $100K Player Qualifiers.

Here is the schedule for these:

Time – The Prize

  • 11:30 – Top 10 players advance directly to $100,000 main event
  • 16:30 – Top 25 players advance directly to $100,000 main event
  • 21:30 – Top 15 players advance directly to $100,000 main event

You get into these with VIP points, here is how, directly from Carbons promotion page:

  • Earn 150 VIP points in the previous day and the current day up until the time you attempt to register for the tournament. For example if you want t register for the 11:30 tournament at 11:00 you need to earn the 150 VIP points in the 24 hours of the previous day plus the 11 hours of the current day combined, giving you a total of 35 hours to earn the points.
  • Buy-in: 500 VIP Points
    Seats in these $100k Player Qualifiers will be limited so register early. You may register for all 3 tournaments in a day so long as you have met the qualification requirement.

4) Earn 45,000 VIP Points

Earn 45,000 VIP points between April 15 and May 29th and receive a direct ticket into the $100,000 Freeroll Main Event.
These are the only 4 options to qualifying for the $100K Carbon Poker Freeroll. The main event will be May 30th.

Good Luck!!

Accepts all Players