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Win £1,000,000 for Free with The Everest Poker ONE Tournament
February 25, 2011

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“If you only play in one live tournament this year, this is it,” says the tournament page at Everest Poker. They’re talking about The Everest Poker ONE, a £1,000,000 live poker tournament that will be held in Monte Carlo from April 21st to April 24th, 2011.

Touted as “the everyman’s live poker tournament”, The Everest Poker ONE has more ground roots qualifiers than many live tournaments half its size. While you could buy-in to the tournament directly (if you have almost $7,000 burning a hole in your pocket), you have plenty of other alternatives to win your way up the poker food chain.

Ultimately, you’re playing for that premier prize package worth $9,000, which includes:

Not only can you have a chance to play for hundreds of thousands of dollars (or pounds), you can do it from your bootstraps and without spending a nickel. Thousands have tried, few have succeeded, but that doesn’t mean your chance isn’t out there. What have you got to lose that’s worth giving up a chance to win?
Everest Poker
Accepts all Players Except US Players

Patriots of Poker Features Tournament Transparency
February 24, 2011

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Ever wonder who actually wins online poker tournaments? Get curious about how the a guaranteed poker tournament prize was distributed? In the same vein as presidential campaigns, Patriots of Poker promises more online poker tournament transparency. And not only does Patriots of Poker promise, they also deliver.

Check it out for yourself. The next time you participate in one of their almost ridiculously frequent tournaments (every 10 to 30 minutes), check out the Poker Tournament Prizes and Statistics tab in the Tournament menu. You’ll find everything you need to know about the most recent tournaments, from who played to who got paid and how much. You can also learn about prize distribution and limit structures. This may be more math than you were bargaining for in an online poker environment, but you should feel comforted to know it’s there.

Of course, Patriots of Poker knows that the more you are armed with knowledge, the more comfortable you’ll be playing in their tournaments. Keep in mind, however, that this information is more than just groundwork. Professional players will do research on their competition (or have third-party poker sites do it for them). While the same spreadsheets can help you see how you stack up against the competition and what everyone’s take was, other people may use them to seek out players who are obviously in over their head.

I myself found the information useful when I was trying to figure out which online poker tournaments were worth my time in terms of how well I realistically thought I could do. The $500 Guaranteed Tournaments (daily at 12am and 6pm) offer just enough cash to make me want to play for money. The $5 Freerolls (6x an afternoon starting at 2:05pm) are definitely more for experience. Whether you play online poker for cash as a second income, or you just want a relatively safe way to blow off steam, using the data Patriots of Poker makes available can make you a smarter player all the way around.

What is your opinion about this tournament transparency? Would (or do) you use it?

Patriots of Poker
Accepts all Players

Tiger Gaming is Poker for the Maple Leaf
February 23, 2011

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While US-friendly online poker sites are all up in the news, we know Canadian players deserve to know their value on the felt. Enter Tiger Gaming, a Canadian-friendly online poker site that draws the line at their neighbors to the south. Not because Tiger Gaming is rude (after all, that wouldn’t be very Canadian), but because that’s just how it has to be.

If you are looking for a little Canadian poker action tonight, jump into the $500 Lucky Pot tournament at Tiger Gaming for just $.50 + $.50! Plus, if you get a Four-of-a-Kind in any Texas Hold’em real money game all day until 23:59:59pm! Once your claim is verified, you’ll be $40 richer!

Those online poker players new to Tiger Gaming will immediately notice that Tiger Gaming works a little differently in terms of welcome bonuses. While other online poker sites will award new depositors with bonus matches, Tiger Gaming also ups the ante the more you deposit into your account. Players who deposit at least $40 into their account will gain free entry into a $3000 Guaranteed Tournament, as well as a newbie tournament as a Bronze Level member. Those players wishing to lay a little more on the line can roll, quite literally, in the dough as depositors staking $150 or more not only get tournament entries, but also bonus matches AND 10% cashback.

Take advantage of this online poker room for Canadians and unify under polite and skillful (and, hopefully, lucrative!) poker play!

Tiger Gaming
Accepts all Players

Root for the “Home Team” from PokerStars
February 19, 2011

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In a recent blog post, we mentioned how a recent “new to online poker” forum thread was forming around the best places to play online poker for beginners. We listed what we felt were the obvious choices for new online poker players just starting to get into cash play: Bodog, FullTilt, PDC, and PokerStars. Of course, we know there are many great online poker rooms out there–after all, we play them all the time–but the truth of the matter is that some are better fit to help those newer to the game.

Take PokerStars, for example. Their new Home Game poker tournaments are a perfect way for new online poker players to get their feet wet with online poker games. As one of the forum posters quipped, these new Home Game tournaments are much like the fantasy leagues we set up with our college buddies and families; in fact, it’s a great way to spend the off-season if you have a little cash burning a hole in your pocket. PokerStars Home Team packages start with setting up a private poker tournament, inviting friends to download the software and play, and then getting started. It’s as easy to run as it is to sit down and play with the cards you’re dealt.

Once you get a knack for the software and the feel of the online poker experience, you’ll have the confidence to stake some money in other online poker tournaments (offered by PokerStars, no doubt…and now you can see why they love their new promotion). Like our previous blog post and the forum thread suggests, you can start with freeroll tournaments (which are free to start and pay out in cash money or in free entry to higher-dollar tournaments). You may find that making a living playing poker online was a lot easier than you thought.

Good luck! If you have any other advice for new online poker players, we welcome you to join our growing community and put it in a comment below!

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Top 4 Beginner Friendly Online Poker Rooms
February 18, 2011

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Making the jump from hosting poker night with friends at the kitchen table to playing by yourself online with strangers can be quite a leap. In a virtual poker setting, you don’t have the benefit of tells and the familiarity of previous experiences to guide your poker strategy and inner judgments; you have to rely more on your gut, on probability, and on the fact that the other players at your online poker table all have the same handicaps.

Players new to the online poker experience are often easily intimidated by cash tables and poker tournaments, even freeroll poker tournaments that don’t cost a dime to enter. One quick run through a recent forum post addressing advice for the novice poker player, outlined suggestions and tips from both experienced and new user alike, including recommended online poker rooms that are very beginner friendly.

  1. Bodog Poker: With the added protection against third-party software used by professional poker players who exploit newer and less experienced players, Bodog Poker is a beacon calling out to new and leisure online poker players. They also have an extensive, yet completely approachable, list of help articles, tutorials, blog, and news releases that allow you to grow as a poker player in several directions. And, of course, their daily freeroll tournaments also help.
  2. Full Tilt Poker: Huge selections of freerolls and low buy-in tournaments help get your online poker feet wet without wagering your first born.
  3. PokerStars: You can’t beat Poker Stars for tournament selection or volume. PokerStars singlehandedly dominates with sheer numbers; it’s one of the largest online poker rooms, the most popular, and the most visited.
  4. PDC Poker: In a word, freerolls. Since freeroll tournaments are the absolute easiest way to make money on online poker, you may find you start with them and never do any other poker tournament.

As the forum grows, this list is likely to grow, but at least now you have an idea of what to look for as you delve into being an online poker player. If you are a veteran player wanting to drop a little knowledge and advice to those just venturing onto the online scene, please leave it in the comments or post your thoughts on the forum thread. If you’re a new online poker player looking to work up the courage to play or need certain advice in particular, I encourage you to leave your feedback on the blog and we can find you the information you need!

Good luck, new players! Remember, the only surefire way to lose at online poker is to never play at all!